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Forget Stretch Goals — Set Targets Your Staff Can Only Reach by Redefining How They Work

The idea is to have them totally rethink the way they do things.




Forget Stretch Goals — Set Targets Your Staff Can Only Reach by Redefining How They Work

2022 is here, and with it, normalcy. We hope. That means setting targets for a fairly regular year and then hoping your staff can just beat them. Or giving your people “5 percent stretch goals” and seeing if, through extra hard work and efficiency, they can attain them. But what if you told them to improve their performance in a certain area by 30 percent? Then no longer will the same old approach, no matter how much harder they work, be effective. They would have to totally rethink how they go about hitting their numbers. And that’s the idea: To kickstart innovative thinking, you have to first destroy the old ways of doing things.

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Thinking of Liquidating? Wilkerson’s Got You Covered

Bil Holehan, the manager of Julianna’s Fine Jewelry in Corte Madera, Calif., decided to go on to the next chapter of his life when the store’s owner and namesake told him she was set to retire. Before they left, Holehan says they decided to liquidate some of the store’s aging inventory. They chose Wilkerson for the sale. Why? “Friends had done their sales with Wilkerson and they were very satisfied,” says Holehan. He’d enthusiastically recommend Wilkerson to anyone looking to stage a liquidation or going-out-of-business sale. “There were no surprises,” he says. “They were very professional in their assessment of our store, what we could expect from the sale and they were very detailed in their projections. They were pretty much on the money.”

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