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Four Seasons Design Rolls Out Michael Michaud Fine Jewelry Designs




For 12 years at Hasenfeld-Stein, Steve Feldman helped retailers tell the FireMark and FireCushion stories to the ultimate consumer. As publisher of Lustre and National Jeweler (and working with Modern Jeweler), he helped manufacturers and designers tell their stories to retailers. As vice president of sales and marketing for Chatham, he helped develop credibility for lab-grown gemstones and fought the stigma of the term “synthetic.”

“Now, I found what I’m certain you’ll agree is a sensational new product for your stores in 2018 and beyond,” said Feldman, the new vice president of sales and marketing at Four Seasons Design Group.

The company is introducing Michael Michaud Fine Jewelry Designs. It states that the designs are “meticulously hand crafted jewelry, all inspired by and cast directly from nature.”

“Stunningly beautiful, collections will be available in 14 Karat gold and 24 Karat Gold Over Silver (to hit really incredible price points), many accented with freshwater and keshi pearls, and natural semi-precious colored gemstones,” the company continues. “And all Made in the USA, manufactured and designed in Long Island, New York. The perfect gift (including gifts for the bridal party), or an easy self-purchase.”

Featured in the collection is a process that designer and artist Michael Michaud has developed over the past 30 years that is truly unique to his art. His signature hand-finishing technique uses a variegating method that he created in which an additional layer of color is introduced into the gold, bringing out the hues found in nature.


“A name our industry is going to hear a lot more about is renowned designer Michael Michaud,” Feldman says. “Michael is a gifted artist and jewelry designer. He combines his exceptional knowledge of jewelry making and design with his true passion – a life-long love of nature.

“But what really blew me away,” Feldman continues, “is Michael’s technique for creating molds directly from natural elements in a process similar to lost-wax casting. Yes, as an example, he’ll cast from an actual leaf, branch or flower.” And Michaud designs exclusively for the Four Seasons Design Group.

Michaud’s designs have been worn by such prominent figures as former Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nations Madeleine Albright. In fact, a few of his pins are included in Albright’s book Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box. Current First Lady of China Peng Liyuan appeared with former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, wearing Michaud’s Orange Blossom Brooch.Actress Sandra Bullock wore his Hydrangea Bracelet in the movie Speed 2. Actress Andie MacDowell wore his Hydrangea pendant in the final television episode of Cedar Cove. Actress Jane Seymour wore his La Mer sea shell necklace design.

Michaud was given the opportunity to cut a branch from a rescued, and now flourishing, callery pear tree after the 9-11 tragedy. The stump of the tree was discovered at the site and moved to Van Cortlandt Park. The tree was then replanted at the National September 11 Memorial plaza, where it continues to flourish. Michaud was given the honor of casting that Callery pear flower to create the “Survivor Tree Collection.”


Owned by brothers Steven and Matthew Lazar, Four Seasons Design Group is a primary manufacturer ofbotanical and sea themed jewelry and home décor accessories, with a factory and offices in Long Island, NY. While FSDG is new to the fine jewelry industry, it is not new to creating important jewelry. For almost 50 years, it has been creating and manufacturing original jewelry designs, hand patinaed on bronze, for the finest museum stores, galleries and specialty retailers in the world. Museums include the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. And of course, the special collection created for the September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York.

Full marketing support is available, including showcase displays, consumer handout brochures, product “story cards” for customers, sales training, gifts with purchase, ad slicks and more.

For more information, call Steve Feldman at 800-295-6784, ext. 120, or 516-781-3155, ext. 120. Or send an email to [email protected]


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