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From Cowry Shells to the Feather of Ma’at, These Are the Latest Jewelry Collections for September

And don’t miss one collection dedicated to celebrating LGBTQA+ Pride.




14K yellow gold charm. 14K yellow gold charm.

Inspired by the Ancients

Following the success of AlWAYS, ALeda’s cult-favorite gold scarab charm, this talented designer has expanded her charm line to include several more powerful symbols from antiquity. Pictured is the Feather of Ma’at, which the ancient Egyptians believed was weighed against a human’s heart after death to determine if the departed had lived a good life. Pair with a handmade Always, Aleda chain for absolute perfection.


14K yellow gold fill and sterling silver earrings with Swarovski crystal.

14K yellow gold fill and sterling silver earrings with Swarovski crystal.

Love Wins

Amulet by D’s Love Is Love collection is dedicated to the celebration of Pride. These joyful, rainbow-accented designs are the perfect way for any LGBTQA+ jewelry lover or ally to let their Pride shine forth all year long. Perfect for special occasions or every day!



14K yellow gold necklace with malachite and diamonds.

14K yellow gold necklace with malachite and diamonds.

New and Noteworthy

Fresh young brand Campbell + Charlotte just burst onto the scene recently, but is already attracting well-deserved attention. This eye-catching malachite piece is from the brand’s Found collection, which is dedicated to the designer’s love for gemstones, color and a flair for the dramatic. Think bold and vibrant but still wonderfully wearable.


14K white gold earrings with diamonds (1.50 TCW).

14K white gold earrings with diamonds (1.50 TCW).


Iconic Perfection

For one’s wedding day, any day, or every day, there’s truly no piece of jewelry more classic than a fantastic pair of diamond studs. Available in three-pronged or four, white gold or yellow, and in a wide variety of carat weights, these GN Diamond studs are straightforward perfection.


18K black gold earrings with diamonds.

18K black gold earrings with diamonds.

Le Cauri Endiamanté

From antiquity to the late 19th century, cowry shells have been used as both ornaments and currency, becoming a powerful symbol of wealth and fortune. ALMASIKA’s Le Cauri Endiamanté collection uses 18K gold to translate this ancestral symbol of abundance into an utterly chic and glamorous adornment for the modern age.



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