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Jewelry Therapy

It’s a year for feel-good jewels.




AFTER A LENGTHY stretch of strife and stress, people want to buy jewelry that makes them feel happy and calm. Smooth, touchable expanses of metal that soothe the skin. Playful colors that delight the soul. Whimsical motifs that evoke memories of simpler days. Extraordinary natural stones that channel the deeply held peace of the ancient Earth. As you shop the Vegas shows, never forget that your customers aren’t just buying an accessory, they’re buying a feeling.

Jewelry in 14K yellow gold from Shy Creation includes diamond eye signet ring (0.03 TCW), diamond lady’s bands, diamond link ring (0.23 TCW), diamond eternity band (1.21 TCW), diamond eternity band (2.00 TCW), diamond hoop earring (0.74 TCW), diamond baguette huggie earring (0.42 TCW), diamond bezel necklace (3.53 TCW), diamond necklace (0.30 TCW), diamond and mother of pearl necklace, and diamond bangles. Prices available upon request. Call (213) 623-8900 or email [email protected] for more information. MODEL: Michelle Dantas. AGENCY: The Industry LA

Signet Style

Today’s customer loves to subvert a classic, turning tradition on its head to make something beautiful and new. These rings all share stylistic DNA with the iconic signet, offering reinterpretations of its familiar wide, flat-fronted silhouette. Some include space for a monogram or meaningful symbol while others replace the customizable element with abstract designs.


Berco Jewelry Co.

10K yellow gold ring.


(800) 621-0668,


Royal Chain

Sterling silver ring with diamond.


(800) 622-0960,

Signet-style---Ali Grace

Ali Grace

14K rose and yellow gold ring with diamond.


[email protected],

Cece Jewellery

18K yellow gold ring with enamel and diamond.


[email protected],


Shy Creation

14K yellow gold ring with diamond (0.11 TCW).


[email protected],



Gold-plated sterling silver ring.


[email protected],



14K yellow gold ring with crystal quartz and diamonds.


[email protected],


Hi June Parker Fine Jewelry

18K yellow gold ring with enamel and diamonds (0.14 TCW).


(646) 704-6367,



18K rose gold ring with diamond (0.05 TCW) and black diamonds (0.25 TCW).




Enamel Energy

Enamel is the new face of fun in jewelry: Its gloriously vivid, endlessly versatile range of color infuses any piece it touches with irrepressible joie-de-vivre. The enamel trend has been growing steadily for a while and now it’s exploding everywhere, from haute joaillerie to entry-level costume styles. This whimsical, wearable happiness is guaranteed to lift the spirits.



18K yellow gold ring with turquoise and enamel.


[email protected],

Lord-Jewelry-Lord Heart Pendant

Lord Jewelry

18K yellow gold necklace with opal (1.40 TCW), enamel and diamonds (0.20 TCW).

Price on request

[email protected],



18K yellow gold ring with enamel and diamonds (0.30 TCW).


[email protected],

Lilor-Jewels ring

Lilor Jewels

18K yellow gold with enamel and black diamonds.


(787) 307-4648,

Anne-Sisteron earrings

Anne Sisteron Jewelry

14K yellow gold and enamel huggie earrings with green garnet.


(310) 550- 0780 Ext. 1,

L'Atelier-Nawbar ring

L’Atelier Nawbar

18K yellow gold ring with sapphires (0.92) and enamel.


[email protected],

Juler's-Row ring

Juler’s Row

Sterling silver bracelet with yellow gold vermeil, white zirconia, and enamel.


(317) 969-5765,

Midas-Chain earrings

Midas Chain

14K yellow gold stud earrings with enamel.


(201) 244-1150,

LUVENTE earrings


14K yellow gold earrings with enamel and diamonds.


(212) 730-1003,


Woodland Wonders

This category lives at the intersection of 1970s nostalgia and the Cottagecore craze, with a dash of 90s revival thrown in. From fantastic fungi to a flittering butterfly, it’s anything you might see in a fairy’s living room or encounter while frolicking through a meadow. These woodland wonders are cozy, comforting, and unabashedly cute.

Woodland-wonders pendant

Alison Nagasue

Sterling silver pendant necklace with diamonds on blackened sterling silver cable chain.


(201) 926-0039,

CG-Creations-Dragonfly-Enamel necklace

CG Creations

14K yellow gold pendant necklace with enamel.


(800) 431-1606,

Alex-Monro stud earrings

Alex Monroe

Yellow gold-plated ear climber with linked stud earring.



Lafonn earrings


Gold-plated sterling silver earrings with enamel and simulated diamonds.


(855) 2-LAFONN,

MayCameHome ring

May Came Home

Silver ring with enamel.


(917) 517-5624,

Maura-Green-Blue-Mabe-Pearl-Mushroom-Butterfly pendant

Maura Green Design

14K yellow gold pendant with handcarved blue Mabe pearl, mother of pearl and abalone.


(703) 298-2149,

gold earrings


14K yellow gold earrings.


(800) 877-7777,



Sterling silver earrings


(253) 841-7212,

Brent-Neale pendant

Brent Neale

18K yellow gold pendant with coral and sapphires.


[email protected],


Nature’s Artwork

These jewels are each a tribute to a particular type of extraordinary stone, remarkable gems whose polished sides reveal swirls, whirls and tiny worlds in bewitching patterns and inclusions etched in place by nature herself. This type of statement stunner tends to be one-of-a-kind, but they’re so special that it’s worth having a few in stock.

assael earrings


Platinum earrings with tourmalinated quartz (58.64 TCW) and Tahitian cultured pearls.


(212) 819-0060,


Enji Studio Jewelry

14K recycled rose gold necklace with rutilated quartz (24.5 TCW).


(858) 229-3552,


Mercurius Jewelry

18K yellow gold and dumortierite ring with tanzanite.


(510) 214-3063,

Lauren K 18K yellow gold pendant necklace

Lauren K

18K yellow gold pendant necklace with malachite.


(212) 719-2067,

Millapani 14K yellow gold earrings


14K yellow gold earrings with quartz, pink tourmaline, and diamonds.


(214) 991-1769,

Retrouvai 14K yellow gold ring


14K yellow gold ring with lace agate, cabochon ruby and diamonds.


[email protected],

Guita M 18K yellow gold earrings

Guita M

18K yellow gold earrings with landscape agate and aquamarine.

Price on request

[email protected],

Chadia Hamati Jewelry Yellow gold vermeil necklace

Chadia Hamati Jewelry

Yellow gold vermeil necklace with obsidian.



Amáli Jewelry 18K yellow gold ring

Amáli Jewelry

18K yellow gold ring with snakeskin agate (18.74 TCW).


(213) 840-6050,

Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



Time to Do What You've Always Wanted? Time to Call Wilkerson.

It was time. Teri Allen and her brother, Nick Pavlich, Jr., had been at the helm of Dearborn Jewelers of Plymouth in Plymouth, Mich., for decades. Their father, Nick Pavlich, Sr., had founded the store in 1950, but after so many wonderful years helping families around Michigan celebrate their most important moments, it was time to get some “moments” of their own. Teri says Wilkerson was the logical choice to run their retirement sale. “They’re the only company that specializes in closing jewelry stores,” she says. During the sale, Teri says a highlight was seeing so many generations of customers who wanted to buy “that one last piece of jewelry from us.” Would she recommend Wilkerson? Absolutely. “There is no way that I would have been able to do this by myself.”

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