Rainmakers come from all over.

If you want to sell lots of jewelry, it helps to hire great salespeople.

But where to find them?

As we collect responses for this year's Big Survey, we're bringing you a few highlights from years past. We call them Big Survey Flashbacks.

Today we bring you an item from our 2012 survey: "If you have sales staff, where did you find your best-ever salesperson?"

Here's how the answers broke down:

  • Hired from among regular customers — 13 percent.
  • Recruited from another retail business — 12 percent.
  • Recruited from a non-retail business (e.g. doctor's office) — 2 percent.
  • Recruited from another jewelry store — 11 percent.
  • Staff recommendation — 10 percent.
  • Friend or relative's recommendation — 10 percent.
  • Via an industry contact (GIA, vendor, buying group) — 9 percent.
  • From within the extended family (including spouse, in-law) — 6 percent.
  • Online ad — 6 percent.

Other responses included walk-in (5 percent), employment service (4 percent), sign in the front window (1 percent), Facebook, hired a friend, church, radio ad, college job board, trained-up gift wrapper (all less than 1 percent). 

Want to have your say on the industry and what it means to own or manage an American jewelry store in 2017? Click HERE to take the latest INSTORE Big Survey. (The survey will probably take about 20 minutes to complete and is designed to be taken solely by store owners and managers.)

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