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Who says jewelers are stuffy and intimidating?

DOES HUMOR HAVE A PLACE in jewelry sales?  

If you’ve read our magazine frequently ? or even infrequently ? over the past five years, you’ll have a pretty good idea what our answer to that question is. And that’s: You bet your bippy!

While the jewelry business has a reputation for being serious, stuffy, and oh-so-intimidating, we know differently. We know that if you can make a customer laugh, it’s probably the easiest way around to get their attention in a positive way. (In fact, it’s the same approach we take with this magazine.)  

Our readers clearly agree. Because when we put the question to our ?Brain Squad? in this month’s lead story, ?Funny Business?, the result was a bit surprising. Out of 269 respondents, the number who felt that ?humor has no place? in jewelry sales was a grand total of … drum roll, please … zero. Take that, widespread public perception! 

Anyway, operating under the theory that a funnier store is a happier, better-selling store, this month’s lead offers you numerous tips, ideas and pointers (and even a few warnings) on how to up your own humor IQ. Inside, you’ll also find case studies of some of America’s funniest jewelers ? like Geoffrey’s Diamonds in Santa Clara, CA. Not only do we want to shop there, we want to work there. (If this jewelry magazine-editing gig doesn’t work out, Geoffrey, give me a call …) And we’re also dying to find the journalistic equivalent of the guys at Northeastern Fine Jewelry sending a clueless relative to the deli across the street for a bucket of steam to fill the store’s steam cleaner. Hilarious!


Wishing you the very best business …
David Squires 
Executive Editor and Associate Publisher 
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