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AGA Career Forum “What Can You Do with Your Gemology?”

Registration is open.




(PRESS RELEASE) The Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) announces its next gemological career forum “What Can You Do With Your Gemology?” featuring a panel of esteemed gemologists discussing their careers in gemological research. The online event, developed and hosted by AGA, is designed to showcase the wide variety of applications for a gemological accreditation and the diverse career paths gemologists can consider. The interactive forum is open to anyone interested in gemology, at no cost.

Bi-annual AGA Career Forums, introduced earlier this year, feature practicing gemologists in a wide variety of professions, sharing insights into their paths to success and answering questions as attendees discover where their gemology might take them. Participants are encouraged to join in and learn more about opportunities for their gemological career.

AGA invites all gemologists and those considering a career in gemology to register and participate. The upcoming forum is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 8:30am (PST) and will include the following gemologists:

E. Billie Hughes, FGA is a research gemologist and award-winning photomicrographer at Lotus Gemology. An experienced field gemologist, she regularly publishes articles and photographs, and lectures worldwide. Ms. Hughes was awarded the AGA Gemological Research Grant in 2019, to pursue her continued study of heat treatment in corundum.

Sarah Steele, FGA, DGA is Director of Ebor Jetworks Ltd. located in Whitby, England. With nearly forty-years’ experience collecting, researching, and cutting jet, she is a leading authority on the subject. Ms. Steele earned a Degree in Geology from Durham University (UK) in 1992 and is currently pursuing a PhD in research related to jet, a project that will challenge our perceptions of these ancient gem materials.

Wim Vertriest, GG and FGA holds a masters in Geology, specializing in ‘Geodynamics & Geofluids’ and currently serves as Manager of Field Gemology at GIA. Based in Thailand, Wim has participated in GIA Field Expeditions to gem mining areas around the world, (co-)authored numerous published articles and manages GIA’s colored stone research collection in Bangkok, Thailand.


Register online for this event at agaforum-2021nov.



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