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GCAL Leads the Way in COVID Testing

It has reported 100% negative test results thus far.




GCAL in office testing
GCAL in office testing

(PRESS RELEASE) GCAL is leading the way in COVID-19 testing, as well as protecting and safeguarding the health and well-being of company employees. “Nothing is more important than the health and welfare of our GCAL colleagues, and of course their families,” said Don Palmieri, president and founder of Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL).

“We have contracted with a medical doctor to visit the GCAL lab every 2 weeks to administer the COVID-19 nasal swab test to all employees. All of us are required to take this test. It is our hope that by sharing this with the industry, other companies will consider doing the same.”

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In addition, every GCAL employee has the option to also take the antibody blood test. In contrast to what seems to be an unfortunate scenario of long wait times around the country, which, according to most medical experts, render the results virtually worthless, the objective is for test results to be returned in 48 hours, which is of course the case with GCAL.

“It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for every GCAL team member, just as it is our intention to do whatever we can to keep all our families safe as well,” explained Angelo Palmieri, GCAL COO. “Since we have employees commuting from all five boroughs, Long Island, and New Jersey, plus our preference to have all our employees tested frequently, we didn’t want to put anyone at unnecessary risk. Essentially, we’d be asking them to find a doctor’s office, urgent care facility, etc., to then potentially stand in line for hours alongside others waiting for a test, some of whom might be infected.  We felt compelled to reduce our exposure, while minimizing the network of people our staff must interact with.”

GCAL further explained that with schools reopening in many communities around the country, and the networks of people everyone is in contact with expanding, testing and receiving quick results (most experts suggest less than 72 hours is essential) will be more important than ever to maintain a safe workplace and healthy workforce.

“As a diamond, gemstone, and jewelry testing laboratory, the intricate work GCAL performs on high value gems and jewelry obviously cannot be done remotely or virtually. In addition, our comprehensive guaranteed certificates, which include but are not limited to Gemprint, direct assessment Optical Light Performance, High Resolution Photomicrography (actual photos of the gemstones), direct assessment Hearts & Arrows, 360˚ videos and new Fire & Sparkle videos, require more personnel to work on each diamond than at other traditional labs,” continued Angelo.


“Secondary to safeguarding the GCAL team is of course assuring the continuity of our business. By protecting our team, we are also protecting the needs and interests of the many manufacturers and retailers around the world who rely on GCAL to remain operational, avoiding potential supply issues.”

After administering COVID tests to all employees, including the Palmieris of course, Dr. Martinho then addressed the GCAL team, offering meaningful tips and answering employees’ questions. For example, she stressed the importance of getting flu vaccinations early, and of maintaining or even elevating everyone’s own immune systems through general good health practices, including a healthy diet and exercise. The doctor stressed the critical importance of taking precautionary measures, focusing on specific mask effectiveness and social distancing. She pointed to the importance of keeping our mouth, nose AND eyes covered, using sunglasses or regular glasses to protect the eyes.

GCAL has reported 100% negative test results thus far.

As for cost and insurance coverage, all GCAL employees are fully covered for both tests under the company’s employer-paid insurance policy (i.e. GCAL pays 100%). This unlimited coverage assures all employees will receive free testing. Every interested company should check with their own insurance carrier and primary care physicians to determine if an in-office testing program is viable.

Any Manhattan company or group interested in communicating with Dr. Martinho directly is welcome to do so. She has provided her contact information as below:

Office Phone : 212-420-6460
Instagram: @drmartinhomd
Facebook: @drmichelemartinhomd
LinkedIn: Michele Martinho


GCAL ended their press release with a plea to everyone to be well and stay safe.

For more information, feel free to email Angelo Palmieri ([email protected]) or Steve Feldman, Director of Sales & Marketing ([email protected]).



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