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Gem Quiz: Named for a Great Czar, I Stylishly Change from Green to Red




AlexandriteThis gem is named for a great czar. Credit: Omi Gems.

A lot of things can turn from green to red — an upcoming traffic light, a watermelon dropped from the third floor, a frog in a blender — but none of them do it with as much style as I. The Imperial Russians were so amazed at my ability to change colors they made me their national gemstone and gave me the name of their last great czar. Unfortunately, it turned out our fates were somewhat intertwined. The Russian royal family’s demise matched the depletion of my primary source in the Urals, and for much of the last century I’ve been little more than a museum piece. That has changed in recent years thanks to new finds in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Shine a light. I’m ready for a new change.

Who am I?

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