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Manager's To Do

Get Your Marketing In Place and Sales Goals Set as We Head Into the Holiday Season

Our October to-do list will ensure you’re ready for the key selling period of the year.





Oct. 2-8

MARKETING The current economic uncertainty and recent volatility in metals prices make this a good time for an appraisal promotion. Offer free appraisals, food and drink. It’s an excellent way to get people in the door.

COMMUNICATIONS Follow local business reporters on Twitter to get a better sense of their interests. Be an active part of the dialogue. Share useful information and your own perspectives. Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas — just keep it timely and on topic. It all helps build your credibility in the local community.

MARKETING Draft a welcome note for all customers who sign up for your email bulletins. The letter should outline the benefits of being a regular customer. To encourage sign-ups at this key time of year, consider a gift card worth $20 for new registrants.


Oct. 9-15

SOCIAL MEDIA Prepare an editorial calendar for your social media channels. Aim to post something new every day, be it a blog, Facebook comment or new video. It will all help increase your main website’s SEO at a time when people are scouring the Internet for gifts and gift ideas.

SALES Challenge every staff member to pull out an older item, wear it and mention it to every customer.

CRM Institute a post-sale follow-up procedure for thank-you notes. This is too important to leave up to each salesperson to do their own thing.

GIFT WRAPPING Research gift-wrapping ideas on YouTube. Assign paper- and ribbon-cutting duties.

Oct. 16-22

INVENTORY Create a merchandise checklist and add these dates to your e-calendar: special order cut-offs, manufacturing cut-offs, delivery dates, dates your suppliers are closed.


MARKETING Invite some local fashion bloggers to come and play with your holiday inventory. The influence of such fashionistas grows every year.

IN-STORE On busy days, have a staff member observe customers to see where they linger, which showcases draw interest, where they bunch up, etc. This could help you identify bottlenecks and which showcases and items are attracting attention.

MARKETING If you have in-store events coming up, be sure to give your salespeople one month to reach out to clients and set up appointments. “Provide a weekly schedule that blocks out 30 minutes a day when they can step off the floor and contact customers to invite them to the event,” says consultant Megan Crabtree.


Oct. 23-29

MANAGEMENT Post your November and December monthly and daily goals in the back room. This is also time to unveil your sales spiff of the year (the latest iPhone, a three-day holiday, an offer to wash someone’s car, or even plain old cash). Don’t forget a secondary prize for the sales associate who collects the most customer emails during the holidays.

INVENTORY Call around to well-connected vendors to find out what they think will be hot this year in terms of presents or other holiday season trends.



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