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Give Your Invoices a Makeover, Throw a Block Party, and More Slow Season Projects to Consider for July

With gold prices so high, your bench area should have never looked so clean. Get vacuuming.




Give Your Invoices a Makeover, Throw a Block Party, and More Slow Season Projects to Consider for July

Jun. 30-Jul. 6

PLANNING The summer doldrums give you a chance to fine-tune strategy: Work out a schedule to assess your goals, find new ways to automate operations, grow your network, plan inventory reductions, and so on.

SHOP With the price of gold so high, your shop should have never looked so clean and dust-free. Mats, benches, curtains, sinks, coats, lighting fixtures — every nook and cranny should be vacuumed and wiped and the filings gathered and processed.

Jul. 7-13

EVENTS In a lifestyle center, strip mall or downtown location? Take the lead in organizing a community block party. Loads of fun and a great crowd generator.

FAMILY If your kids are like most American youngsters, they are likely spending a good portion of the summer break burnishing their digital profile on Instagram. Get them into the store to do some real-life polishing — on your case glass. Starting this week, get them in once a month so they can see how things are made and marketed, and why it’s so important to your customers that you do a good job.



WEBSITE Improve your 404 error page. The Web has a ton of fun and clever examples that could inspire you to come up with something memorable to get browsers back on track.

PLANNING June is the month for weddings, right? After all, that’s the origin of the popular term, “June Bride.” Well, Hallmark doesn’t agree. According to its figures, August has become the most popular wedding month over the past few years (June is now second). What’s that mean? Tweak your wedding jewelry marketing plan and try again.

Jul. 21-27

DISPLAY Have you looked at your store windows lately? Don’t let yours get stale. This week, make plans for more frequent changes … and sketch out some ideas you can implement during the busy fall months.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT What’s the best month to try to change your life? It’s just ahead of us, in August. Unlike the stressful New Year period, in August, the kids are back at school, people have returned from vacation and it’s easy to establish a routine that supports your new goals.

Jul. 28-Aug. 3

MERCHANDISING Merchandise your showcases to match what you would like to sell, says consultant Megan Crabtree. “For example, in engagement ring cases, place a few wedding bands within the case to remind the sales associates to show and try to sell the wedding band at the same time as the engagement ring.”

SALES FLOOR Pick two or three things you want every customer to experience in the store and talk to staff about how to expose clients to these areas.




When the Kids Have Their Own Careers, Wilkerson Can Help You to Retire

Alex and Gladys Rysman are the third generation to run Romm Jewelers in Brockton, Mass. And after many decades of service to the industry and their community, it was time to close the store and take advantage of some downtime. With three grown children who each had their own careers outside of the industry, they decided to call Wilkerson. Then, the Rysmans did what every jeweler should do: They called other retailers and asked about their own Wilkerson experience. “They all told us what a great experience it was and that’s what made us go with Wilkerson.” says Gladys Rysman. The results? Alex Rysman says he was impressed. “We exceeded whatever I expected to do by a large margin.”

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