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GN Diamond Offers Free Sales Training to Help Improve In-Store Customer Experience

The holiday season may be a time to brush up on creative selling tips or training videos.




GN Diamond Offers Free Sales Training to Help Improve In-Store Customer Experience

(PRESS RELEASE) Your sales team is your greatest asset, but it’s difficult to find the time and resources to effectively train them to perform at their best. We know this from working with over 3500 independent and family-owned jewelers who have shared their struggles to compete with online sellers and close more sales.

The GN Diamond Platform is your secret weapon for training and equipping your sales team to create an in-store experience that far outshines any online retailer. The GN Diamond Platform is a comprehensive diamond sales tool featuring training videos and access to a professional sales trainer. By building on a solid foundation of customer insights and sales skills, independent jewelers can delight shoppers and increase their closing percentage starting today.

Convenient, Continuous Sales Training
With the GN Diamond Platform, training becomes an easy, ongoing process. Videos, webinars, and sales and marketing tools are regularly updated with the current best practices so you can keep your sales team sharp. View exciting past webinars from Sales Trainer Extraordinaire, Shane Decker and CEO, Asaf Herskovitz. Utilize these free tools to bring new hires up to speed. And refresh existing team members with inspirational 10-minute sessions to build confidence and enthusiasm.

When you take advantage of all the GN Diamond Platform has to offer, you will unlock a point of difference in your sales team’s presentation, resulting in increased foot traffic, referrals, and sales. Valuable training insights include:

  • How to sell on quality and value, not price point
  • How to clearly communicate the 4 C’s to customers
  • How to boost energy and enthusiasm every day
  • How to help salespeople adopt an ownership mentality
  • How to sell more add-ons
  • and much more!

With GN Diamond’s tools and training options, you’ll be able to directly solve the three biggest pain points for every customer walking into your store: Fear of overpaying, discomfort with the loupe and tweezers, and lack of knowledge of the 4 C’s and how they affect pricing.

Gain a Competitive Sales Advantage
GN Diamond delivers this competitive sales advantage to thousands of successful independent retailers across the country. We provide expert training unmatched in the industry to help you eliminate the commodity presentation and close more sales. When jewelers consistently commit to our sales best practices, their business begins to thrive. Learn more here, or contact a GN representative at or 800-724-8810.




When There’s No Succession Plan, Call Wilkerson

Bob Wesley, owner of Robert C. Wesley Jewelers in Scottsdale, Ariz., was a third-generation jeweler. When it was time to enjoy life on the other side of the counter, he weighed his options. His lease was nearing renewal time and with no succession plan, he decided it was time to call Wilkerson. There was plenty of inventory to sell and at first, says Wesley, he thought he might try to manage a sale himself. But he’s glad he didn’t. “There’s no way I could have done this as well as Wilkerson,” he says. Wilkerson took responsibility for the entire event, with every detail — from advertising to accounting — done, dusted and managed by the Wilkerson team. “It’s the complete package,” he says of the Wilkerson method of helping jewelers to easily go on to the next phase of their lives. “There’s no way any retailer can duplicate what they’ve done.”

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