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GN’s Partnership for Lab Grown Diamonds Now Available

This is after careful consideration and months of market research.




GN’s Partnership for Lab Grown Diamonds Now Available(PRESS RELEASE) After careful consideration and months of market research comparing lab grown diamond cutters, GN Diamond has selected the right partner who uses uncompromisingly, high quality rough to produce the whitest and brightest of man-made diamonds. Its superior cutting and polishing procedures create round and fancy shape diamonds that have both excellent polish and excellent symmetry giving retailers the competitive advantage over others that were examined in the lab grown marketplace. This combination of ex, ex is often difficult to find.

GN will continue to be one of the market leaders in natural diamonds and will continue to increase its inventory on a weekly basis. All of its natural diamonds come with light performance, gemprint insurance discounts and all may be easily viewed at

The 100% sell through guarantee is available on natural loose diamonds and finished jewelry, GIA for GIA, EGLUSA for EGLUSA, and finished for finished. The guarantee DOES NOT include lab grown diamonds or lab grown finished jewelry.



Put Your Trust in Wilkerson

To do business successfully with anyone, you need a certain “comfort level.” That’s something that Phillips Pitts, owner of two Parris Jewelers stores in Hattiesburg, Miss., said he felt immediately when he first talked to Wilkerson’s Rick Hayes. He was just about to launch an anniversary sale. And he chose Wilkerson to handle all the details — from the marketing to the sales floor. “Rick cared what was going to happen to Parris Jewelers,” says Pitts. “Not just during the sale but after the sale.” Would he recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers contemplating a large-scale sale? Absolutely, says Pitts, who says the results “exceeded their expectations.” His trust in Wilkerson has only grown after the numbers came in. “They were interested in me fulfilling and what I need to fulfill to make my company better.”

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