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Gold Digging with Royal Chain


A new generation’s love affair with gold brings oversized hoops, links and bangles back to the forefront of fashion.

F ashion designers have always been inspired by history. And though the 1980s and ‘90s may seem recent enough, that era’s love affair with all things yellow gold is being rediscovered by a new generation of jewelry lovers. From fashionistas to social media influencers, sports stars to everyday people, the rich, yellow beauty of gold is back in a big, big way.

Today’s latest runway styles are being beautifully accessorized with gold—think: thick gold chains, heroic hoops, delicate dangles and shoulder-dusting earrings. Rich, resplendent yellow gold figures heavily into the mix, with looks that are as fresh as they are daring, as urban-chic as they are classic.

Royal Chain’s Phillip Gabriel Maroof says karat gold has really come full circle. “There’s a new generation that’s just discovering how beautiful gold can be—and Royal Chain, which was there when it all began, is making it easy to discern what’s hot and what’s hip.” The New York-based company recently introduced the Influencer Collection, an assortment of dainty, layerable karat gold jewelry that’s perfect for entry-level gold consumers. Watch for a grander gold collection from Royal Chain this summer—highlighting some of best gold-heavy looks featured here.


These day’s it’s “go big or go home.” And why wouldn’t you want to be out and about with these incredible looks? This bold gold chain is now available in rings and earrings as well as classic bracelets and necklaces.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain



With all that attention on the wrist, these slim and not-so-slim bangles and chains are best when worn in pairs—or more. Stack them up for the ultimate gold power trip.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

D. Assorted bracelets, bangles and cuffs with diamonds or plain gold, $1,200 – $6,000



If there’s one pair of earrings that’s always a stand-out, it’s the karat gold hoop, in highly polished yellow gold. It’s a classic, but but look for new hoop styles that play on shapes and dimension like the ones shown here.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

E. 70mm extra-large polished hoops, $300. Available in a range of sizes and gauges | F. New thread-through ribbon hoops from the Influencer Collection, $395



Long and lean, these fabulous fashion earrings simply come alive in warm yellow gold.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

G. Spectacular shoulder dusters, $295 (left) $395 (right)



Dainty chains and whimsical charms with single diamond accents are just so pretty in this season’s sea of bolder gold. Add a matching ring and studs, and it’s a look that never goes out of style.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

H. Pendants with matching stack rings and studs with diamond accents from the new Influencer Collection, $195 – $295



Personalization is a trend that’s not new, but it’s newly discovered by the Instagram generation. Engrave these oh-so-smooth yellow gold signet rings with some letters of choice—or leave them be for a lovely, anonymous bauble.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

I. Trio of signet rings for women and men, $300 – $500



The badge of your parent’s generation is now more beautiful than ever. Rich, luxurious and captivating in its design, this is 14K yellow gold chain brought to an entirely new level of beauty and craftsmanship. New technology makes these bigger, bolder chains available at incredible price points.

Gold Digging with Royal Chain

J. “Crescent Horn” necklace from the Influencer Collection, $300 | K: Modern Curb Link necklace for men or women in 24” length, $4,500. Also available in other lengths.


Gold Digging with Royal Chain
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