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Greenland Ruby: A Responsible Source of Rubies and Pink Sapphires

As a part of the company’s 5th year anniversary celebration, Greenland Ruby collaborated with jewelry designer and artist Reena Ahluwalia.




(PRESS RELEASE) Greenland Ruby gems are unearthed at a pristine mine site in Aappaluttoq, Greenland [“Ah-puh-lu-tok” means “red”], in corundum bearing rock that geologists believe is in the oldest rock formation on earth. The mine, which opened in May 2017, is in southwest Greenland, about 155 miles south of Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. Its output is processed at an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art cleaning and sorting operation adjacent to the mine.

Greenland Ruby is owned by the LNS Group, a Norwegian, family-owned company that handles mining contracts, road projects, bridges, and tunnels in arctic regions. LNS was awarded the Greenland Ruby mining and exploration license by the Greenlandic government in 2016. The license allows Greenland Ruby to mine, process, cut and polish, market and sell the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland.

Greenland Ruby’s corporate offices are in Nuuk, cutting and processing is done in Thailand and India, while the sales and marketing offices are in Paris and New York respectively. The Greenlandic operations aim to work with local people in a well-diversified team.

Greenland Ruby is the first RJC Colored Gemstone Mining Operation member. Greenland Ruby adheres to strict human-rights, labor, environmental, mining and product disclosures and best business practices, which reference the highest of Northern European standards.

Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires have been described as similar to the quality of those found in parts of Burma and in Mozambique, two other important sources of ruby. Leading industry laboratories have guaranteed that Greenlandic gems differ slightly and are identifiable by their unique trace element chemistry. Inclusions tell the story of their journey through time and temperature.

Gems range in color from the deep and vibrant red ruby known traditionally in the trade as “Pigeon’s Blood” to the lighter shades of pink (which are pink sapphires). Gems are transparent, translucent, and opaque and are cut in an assortment of calibrated cabochons, faceted free-sizes, calibrated diamond-cuts, and opaque balls/beads. Sizes range from milli up to 50cts.


Despite being one of the newest and most sophisticated mining operations in the colored gemstone industry, these icy rubies and pink sapphires are believed to be amongst the oldest on the planet, at nearly 3 billion years old.

Each gem is tracked and traced from the mine-site in Greenland. This strict inventory control program assures a transparent provenance chain unique to the colored gemstone industry and comes with a full endorsement from the Government of Greenland. Each gem comes with a Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity, proving their Greenlandic provenance and guaranteeing that the gems are mined in a country that has an excellent human rights record, is environmentally responsible, and boasts a stable government and economy.

Greenland Ruby’s unique customized inventory system provides each parcel of rough material and all the gems produced from that parcel with their own individual computerized identity linked to it. The identity numbers originate at the time of export from Greenland, and stay with each gem through processing, up until invoice, and beyond.
Greenland Ruby pricing aligns with market values for rubies and pink sapphires of similar quality.

Greenland Ruby gems are heat treated with borax. This is an industry standard and is stable and irreversible.

Greenland Ruby’s goal in is to introduce our responsibly sourced gems to the wider Asian, Australian, European, and American markets. The growing consumer interest in responsible sourcing of gems has driven interest globally.

Greenland Ruby gems are available online through our virtual showroom. RubyCloud™ is strictly B-to-B and gives gem and jewelry industry professionals the ability to browse and buy our gemstones from the comfort of their office and studio.


Greenland Ruby established the PinkPolarBear Foundation. A percentage of sales revenue from each gem sold contributes to the foundation. We encourage our customers and partners to do the same. The PinkPolarBear Foundation supports International Polar Research in all disciples, especially protecting the inhabitants (animal and human) of Greenland, who are affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes. To date, the foundation has sponsored two Ph. D. students from the University of Greenland, as well as a sewing workshop in the village close to the mine-site. We will continue to support and attend conferences that focus on these issues.

As a part of the company’s 5th year anniversary celebration, Greenland Ruby collaborated with jewelry designer and artist Reena Ahluwalia. Reena’s original ‘Fire Under Ice’ oil on canvas is on display at the Greenland Ruby booth in the Thai Pavilion, #6833. Raffle ticket holders will have a chance to win the original and will be GIVEN a free animated NFT version of the artwork. Enter to win-win!

Greenlandic ruby and pink sapphire jewelry in designer collections was first featured in Europe with Hartmann’s, our distribution partner for Scandinavia and our luxury retailer partner in Copenhagen, Denmark, with huge success and impressive sales volume.

The company is selling its rubies and pink sapphires through a sales system of preferred partners, who will carry forward the branding message to retailers and consumers.
Greenland Ruby’s intention is to ensure that 10 percent of the mine’s material remains in Greenland for the tourist and local market. Eventually the company hopes to begin cutting and polishing operations in Greenland, to increase the benefits of the resource for the Greenlandic people.

Learn more about Greenland Ruby and our responsibly sourced rubies and pink sapphires here.







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