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Greg Joins Gems One as Sales Consultant With Three Decades of Jewelry Industry Leadership

Greg is a seasoned figure in the Midwest jewelry industry with over three decades of territory management and executive experience.




(PRESS RELEASE) Greg is a well-known figure in the jewelry industry, particularly in the Midwest, with over three decades of experience in territory management and executive roles. He spent 32 years at Martin Flyer, starting as the first salesperson west of Philadelphia and eventually serving as Vice President.

Gems One would like to welcome Greg as their Sales and Marketing Consultant. Previously, he served as the President and Director of Furrer Jacot USA North America, where he oversaw the office and managed a team of four salesmen. His past roles also include Director of Sales for Stephan Hafner and Nouvelle Bague at DIT Group Italy, and Territory Manager for the Midwest at Roberto Demeglio.

Throughout his career, Greg has managed several branded lines, including SDC, Supreme, House of Baguettes, Amden, Stardust, Munsteiner, Hikari South Sea Pearl, and Mastoloni. His extensive experience and industry knowledge make him an asset to us at GEMS ONE.

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