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Give us three weeks … we’ll give you a new life

SOME OF YOU have no problems motivating yourself. You see a challenge off in the distance, get excited, break it down into a hundred equally-sized increments, efficiently accomplish each objective per schedule, and voila!, mountain conquered.  

Then there are the rest of us. And God, we really hate you sometimes.  

You see, for the rest of us, motivating ourselves is hard. We see a challenge off in the distance, get excited, and picture ourselves boogie-ing on the mountaintop after a single night. We try, flop, get tired, and decide to take a few days off ? which inevitably becomes three weeks. Repeat cycle until challenge is right in front of your face, its hot breath making your eyes water.  

Deadlines get us going. Fear will get us off our asses. But that’s not the way to do our very best work ? or get your very best sales.  

What works is preparation. And the key to preparing properly is establishing the right habits. I once read somewhere that the key to establishing a permanent habit is to perform that behavior for 21 consecutive days. Make it 21 days, there’s a good chance that the behavior you seek will become permanent. I have no idea if it’s true, and yet I’ve done it, and it works.  


So here’s what I want you to do. (And I’m doing it, too.) Pick a behavior you’d like to establish ? whether it’s asking every customer for add-ons, playing sales tapes during morning set-up, or even developing your website during off-hours. Perform that behavior every day for 21 straight days (okay, maybe weekends off.) By the end, you’ll have a strong, healthy, rosy-cheeked new habit. Go! 

Wishing you the very best business …

David Squires 

Executive Editor and Associate Publisher  
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