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Harmon Steps Up to Support Retailers During Crisis

The marketing agency is offering a deep discount on their monthly social media program to keep stores top-of-mind with shoppers.




Harmon Steps Up to Support Retailers During Crisis
An example of a boosted post from Harmon’s monthly boosted social media program. Each post will show your store logo and name. Because of the current situation, Harmon will add a phone number and contact name in the post copy if a retailer so desires.

(PRESS RELEASE) NASHVILLE, TN — As shoppers put social distancing into practice, and more stores temporarily close, Harmon has jumped into action to help (safely) close the distance between retailers and their customers. To keep retailers constantly visible in their market, Harmon will create posts consisting of engaging visuals and copy, and boost them directly through the store’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, twice a week, eight times a month. They’ve reduced the cost by 40%, and made it commitment-free, meaning retailers can participate by the month. Harmon will only be running this special rate until the current situation is resolved and business resumes as usual.

“As a member of the jewelry community for over thirty years, we knew we had to step up and provide support,” says Rick Arnemann, CEO of Harmon. “We’re doing this at our cost, but know that with social distancing going on, this is an especially difficult time for retailers. This program is going to put your store in front of those jewelry shoppers in your market who are sitting at home, bored and scrolling through social media.”

These are just a few of the benefits retailers experience by signing up:

  • There are no contracts or commitments. Retailers can do this for one month or three. You just pay by your credit card.
  • Harmon boosts each post to a specifically targeted audience based on their interests and other factors. That means only jewelry shoppers or people interested in jewelry see the posts.
  • Each post is geo-targeted; that means only people in your market see your posts.
  • You can choose from Harmon’s library of 1,000s of branded and generic jewelry images and videos to use as post content.
  • Harmon writes specific copy for each post, and they’ll keep it light and entertaining.
  • You’ll receive a content calendar of each month’s upcoming posts.
  • You’ll receive analytics showing the performance and response rate for each post.
  • The program is only $599 a month. That’s 40% off Harmon’s regular social media program price, and includes everything—visuals, copywriting, boosting costs paid directly to Facebook and Instagram, posting management, content calendar creation, and analytics.

“Right now, it’s very important that you continue to market to customers, and that you keep your message entertaining and informative,” continues Arnemann. “You have a captive audience at home, who are probably already tired of their in-home entertainment. Through this program, you’re providing them fresh, beautiful content, and they’ll remember that.”

To learn more about staying visible with your market and to sign up for the Harmon social media program, call 615-256-3393, or email [email protected].




Put Your Trust in Wilkerson

To do business successfully with anyone, you need a certain “comfort level.” That’s something that Phillips Pitts, owner of two Parris Jewelers stores in Hattiesburg, Miss., said he felt immediately when he first talked to Wilkerson’s Rick Hayes. He was just about to launch an anniversary sale. And he chose Wilkerson to handle all the details — from the marketing to the sales floor. “Rick cared what was going to happen to Parris Jewelers,” says Pitts. “Not just during the sale but after the sale.” Would he recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers contemplating a large-scale sale? Absolutely, says Pitts, who says the results “exceeded their expectations.” His trust in Wilkerson has only grown after the numbers came in. “They were interested in me fulfilling and what I need to fulfill to make my company better.”

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