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Hearts on Fire Takes Top Spot in Hot Brands for February




Lashbrook was a huge hit for us this month! We ordered 30 bands … wedding season must be around the corner. Erica Lorenz, Michael & Sons, Reno, NV

Authentic Gibeon meteorite ring with 14K rose gold edges by Lashbrook. $1767,

Top-Selling Jewelry Brands in February

Hearts on Fire (7), Gabriel & Co. (4), Lafonn (4), Rolex (4), ELLE (3), Berco (2), Cargo Hold (2), Carla (2), Gemsone (2), John Hardy (2), Lashbrook (2), Les Georgettes (2), Mariana (2), Quality Gold (2), Royal Chain (2), Stuller (2), Vahan (2), Victor Corp. (2)

* Brands mentioned by at least two of 130 Brain Squad members when asked what they would be reordering in March.

  • Mariana has been rocking in our store since we expanded the line. Karen Hollis, K. Hollis Jewelers, Batavia, IL
  • ELLE silver jewelry is new and hot. Diamond engagement rings from $5,000-15,000. Diamond studs and wedding bands did great for us. We were over $120,000 up from last year’s $350,000 month!!! Alan Perry, Perry’s Emporium, Wilmington, NC
  • We had a good month with Breitling! Earrings and wedding bands were the most popular category in the jewelry department. Stacking wedding bands continue to be hot!!! Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX
  • Vahan bracelets and I already re-ordered. Maria Aguirre, Benold’s Jewelers, Austin, TX
  • Rubies. We’ve been selling more and more jewelry with rubies. Idar Bergseth, Idar, Victoria, BC
  • Diamond bands and fashion pendants. Colored stone rings and pendants. Simon G. and Gabriel & Co. did well for us. Donnie Blanton, Brittany’s Fine Jewelry, Gainesville, FL
  • No one brand stands out. However, better made round diamonds in the 2-carat-plus category sold well. Rex Solomon, Houston Jewelry, Houston, TX
  • February was a great month in bridal, as we sold several semi-mounts from Rego and then set them with larger, beautiful center diamonds. Valentine’s Day was also busy with diamond pendants and earrings! Annette Kinzie, Leonard Jewelry, Stillwater, OK
  • Lots of bold color! Linda McEathron, Design House, Waco, TX
  • Dancing diamonds (believe it or not) were once again strong with a price point of under $100. J. Dennis Petimezas, Watchmakers Diamonds & Jewelry, Johnstown, PA
  • Custom work, mostly, but also stacking rings are very big. Even when women come to redesign their wedding sets, they love the idea of stacking rings! Eve J. Alfille, Eve J. Alfille Gallery & Studio, Evanston, IL
  • Intuitions bracelets by Royal Chain Group sold well for Valentine’s Day. Also diamond earrings. Susan Kauffman, Black Dog Jewelers, Lewisburg, PA
  • Gabriel & Co. bridal is still hot! Lafonn, Imperial Pearl and Ronaldo continue to be some of our customers’ top picks! LaTisha Holland, Arlene’s Fine Jewelry, Vidalia, GA
  • Engagement rings, diamond studs, Les Georgettes. Christi Weaver, The Polished Edge, Liberty, MO

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Wilkerson Testimonials

Having a Moving Sale? Let Wilkerson Do the Heavy Lifting

For Jim Woodard, owner of Woodard’s Diamonds & Design in Tullahoma, Tenn., when it was time for a moving sale, there was only one company to help with the event: Wilkerson. “They brought in the right team for us,” he says, remarking about the sale’s extraordinary results, including a nearly 500% monthly sales increase compared to the previous year. “I wanted to have the best in the industry. And that’s the main reason why I contacted Wilkerson.”

Promoted Headlines


This Red Carpet Trend Left Cannes Film Festival-Goers Green with Envy

Angelina Jolie kicked off this “trend” a decade ago at the Academy Awards.




THE CELEBRITIES ATTENDING the always-glamorous Cannes Film Festival were seeing and being seen in the color green. Adriana Lima, Helena Bordon, Petra Nemcova, Josephine Skriver and Julianne Moore all wore emeralds in their ears or around their necks. Ever since Angelina Jolie’s appearance in Lorraine Schwartz’s emerald earrings and ring at the 2009 Academy Awards, emerald stunners have brightened up almost every award show. The launch of Gemfields, Muzo and other responsibly -sourced gem companies in collaboration with innovative designers have created a renewed interest in the vivid green that carries meanings of hope and prosperity.


18K gold with emerald and diamond chandelier earrings.

Price on request

M. Spalten Jewelry

Emerald Starburst earring with Muzo emerald (8.10 TCW) and diamond accents in 18K yellow gold.


Meredith Young

Brazilian emerald, diamond and 18K gold Controlled Chaos half-moon earrings.


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From Antonini’s 100th Anniversary Collection to Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets, These Are New Collections for October

And don’t miss these affordable, “hovering” pearls.




Clouds of Pearls

The ZSISKA Floating Pearl collection is lustrous pearl beauty as you’ve never seen it before. Ethereal pearls encased in resin seem to hover between crystal beads, secured by magnetic closures and at a price point that makes these designs accessible to any jewelry lover.

Wire necklace with resin-coated pearls, crystal beads, and magnetic closure.


Dreamy Dainties

The debut collection from Cari Streeter Fine Jewelry is a buffet of wonderfully affordable, appealingly designed everyday luxuries that your customers will love to love. Expect delicate chains with sparkling diamonds and small but substantial charms, all available in 14K yellow, pink, or white gold.

14K yellow gold and diamond necklace.



Keepin’ It 100

Happy centennial to Italian brand Antonini Milano, which has released a gorgeous collection in honor of its 100th birthday! The new Anniversary100 collection, an homage to the brand’s rich history, is a bold and sensual celebration of gold’s malleability and sheen.

18K yellow gold earrings with diamonds.


A Perfect Fit

Love Clicks is a collection dedicated to the love that people have for one another. These cleverly designed customizable birthstone puzzle rings fit seamlessly together into colorful stacks, offering a gorgeous way for your customers to wear a reminder of the most precious people in their lives.

14K white and yellow gold ring stack with ruby, emerald, diamond, and sapphire.


It’s Love-Love

Lark & Berry’s new Tennis collection makes the iconic diamond tennis bracelet more accessible than ever before by rendering this classic beauty in the brand’s bright, clean lab-grown diamonds. The collection encompasses a number of pieces — simple necklaces, linear earrings, and of course the bracelet — all inspired by the tennis bracelet’s straightforward perfection.

14K white gold bracelet with lab-created diamonds (1.80 TCW).


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Tools and Services

Become A Wizard, Newest Updates and More Service News This Month




Fish Your Wish

Salmon Gold is a new initiative from RESOLVE that is dedicated to the careful re-mining and restoration of Alaskan streams and fish habitats that were negatively affected by past mining operations. Gold from this worthwhile project is already in the supply chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple.

Become A Wizard

Gemewizard, a leader in digital solutions for the analysis, description, pricing and trading of colored gemstones and colored diamonds, has launched Gem Color Academy, a new interactive online course for colored stone grading. Includes comprehensive online resources as well as course notes, at-home gem kit, and one year Gemewizard subscription.


Refreshed Reporting

The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) has released an updated version of its Credit Report. After a full redesign, the new JBT Credit Report features a convenient front-page overview section, new charts, and live linking of summary information to its source.

Thinking Pink

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has released a software update for its GIA iD100 gem testing device. With the update, the GIA iD100 can now distinguish natural pink diamonds from lab-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants.

24K Winners

Congratulations to the Jewelers 24 Karat Club of Southern California’s 2019 Honorees! The organization recently honored Bill Jones of Sissy’s Log Cabin and Ruben Bindra of B & B Fine Gems for Excellence in Service and presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Terry Chandler of Diamond Council of America.

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