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Here Are the 7 Rules of Engagement for Jewelry Salespeople





Store floor awareness should be our number one priority, but it is one of the weakest areas for many retailers. If you want awesome reviews, this is where it all starts and this is everyone’s responsibility. If you say, “This is not my job,” then go find another one because you shouldn’t be here.

Always remember: clients will forget what you say and they’ll forget what you do, but they’ll never forget how they were treated. Here’s how to make sure it’s an unforgettable experience:

1. The sweet spot must always be covered. If one sales associate exits the sweet spot, another should take her place. If needed, put in an “up” system to make sure this happens. Nothing is worse than not having a salesperson on the floor when the client comes in. Treat your store like your home: when someone comes to your front door, that’s where you greet.

2. Everyone is acknowledged and greeted within the first five seconds. Never greet from behind a case; this is a power position. Greet from in front of the case. 

3. All clients not closed should be team-sold or turned over. Put the right skill set and personality in front of the client. Use your best salesperson to help close sales. It’s a cardinal sin to let a client leave empty-handed when someone else can close. 

4. Try for an add-on on every ticket. This is one of the weakest areas of salesmanship in our industry. Most add-ons only take 30 seconds. The first sale is closed and the client is in a buying mood. Use a lead-in line like “this has a match” or “this is part of a set.” They’ll tell you when they’re ready to stop.


5. Everyone is wowed. Every client should be shown a high-ticket item before they leave. People love playing with jewelry and they never forget the extraordinary. Wow with diamonds over a carat and wow smart. It’s free advertising; it sends in referrals and plants seeds for later sales. And, everybody from time to time buys on impulse. 

6. Gather proper information for following up with clients. Anniversaries, birthdays, jewelry preferences and so on. It shows clients how important they are to you and changes your personal selling volume and momentum.

7. Walk every client to the door when the sale is finished. Thank them for coming in and give them two business cards (ask them to give one to a friend).

These seven absolutes can separate you from your competition because even though they may be reading this same column, few have the tenacity and commitment to excellence to make these things a consistent part of their business. Hold sales meetings on each one of these absolutes so you can practice flawless execution of the basics with correct procedures followed.

Shane Decker has provided sales training to more than 3,000 jewelry stores. Shane cut his teeth in jewelry sales in Garden City, KS, and sold over 100 1-carat diamonds four years in a row. Contact him at



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