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Here Are the Winners of the INDESIGN Awards (Alternative Materials Category)






1ST PLACE (Alternative Materials Category)

Irthly Jewelled Adornments

18K gold earrings from the Art D’Eco Collection with diamonds (0.29 TCW) inlaid in organic palm ivory with naturally formed tourmaline crystals (2.10 TCW)



For David Alvarado, the owner and designer behind Irthly Jewelled Adornments, jewelry represents much more than a particular style or trend; he’s connected the wonder and spirit of the art deco period to that of the present. The collection, Art D’Eco, combines art deco motifs with eco-friendly materials that resonate with today’s consumer. “By introducing organic materials, implementing technological advances, and by adding symbolism and meaning into my jewelry, I want to present to this current society that jewelry design can be conscientious, eco-sensitive, refined, and can include an ethical reminder of what truly matters,” he says. The collection is resonating with a growing number of retailers whose customers are seeking something different. Says Alvarado: “This design seems to be a calling for those who have every essential piece of jewelry and are looking to make a statement that connects them to our current state of affairs.”


“These earrings are awesome! The strength yet delicacy of the design and selection of white and green colors deserve the 1st place outstanding award!” – Marie-Helene Morrow

“Love the combination of naturalistic and stylized materials.” – Tara Silberberg

“These earrings truly capture the mood of the Art Deco period. Great design.” – Jenny Luker

“Art deco gems. Architectural and modern.” – Paul Schneider


“This is such an elegant piece, both understated and yet extravagant at the same time. Beautiful!” – Nadine McCarthy Kahane

“The organic palm ivory is beautiful and the tourmaline crystals are the perfect finishing.” – Amanda Gizzi

“I feel like I’ve been transported to the 1920s with this incredible design! The tourmalines make these over-the- top, YES.” – Danielle Miele



(Alternative Materials Category)

Irthly Jewelled Adornments

Art D’Eco Streamline Miami pendant in 18K yellow gold and organic palm ivory with baguette diamonds (0.52 TCW)




“The white colored gemstone feels especially fresh in this piece and the baguette diamonds are stunning!” – Nadine McCarthy Kahane

“Style moderne. America in the ‘30s. Crisp work and great proportions.” – Paul Schneider


(Alternative Materials Category)

Thorsten Jewelry

Muramasa ring in black tungsten with yellow gold interior and six yellow gold-plated stainless steel bezels on exterior, each containing a row of three black diamonds (0.27 TCW)



“Very clean and chic – a great stacking piece.” – Nadine McCarthy Kahane

“Wow – the most elegant tungsten ring I’ve ever seen!” – Danielle Miele

“This black and yellow color combination is great. This has a big money look for a small budget price.” – Amanda Gizzi


(Alternative Materials Category)


Zirconium 8mm men’s band featuring Honduras Redheart wooden sleeve


“This wooden ring can actually stand up to water over a long time. So far, no problems.” – Daniel Upsdell, Westdale Jewellers, Hamilton, Ontario





Wilkerson Testimonials

Wilkerson Helped This Jeweler to Navigate His Retirement Sale Despite a Pandemic

Hosting a going-out-of-business sale when the coronavirus pandemic hit wasn’t a part of Bob Smith’s game plan for his retirement. Smith, the owner of E.M. Smith Jewelers in Chillicothe, Ohio, says the governor closed the state mid-way through. But Smith chose Wilkerson, and Wilkerson handled it like a champ, says Smith. And when it was time for the state to reopen, the sale continued like nothing had ever happened. “I’d recommend Wilkerson,” he says. “They do business the way we do business.”

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