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The latest earring styles create buzz with their creativity and variety.




IS THERE ANYTHING as arresting as the perfect earring? Marvelous in movement and prominently displayed, earrings are like the window treatment of the face: a gorgeous frame that makes the whole look. With curated ears, studs, cuffs, dangles, and asymmetrical styling, the possibilities are nearly endless.

18K gold and diamond earrings by JudeFrances including (from front) Delicate small oval hoop earring, $1,450; Lisse long dagger pavé cross earring charms, $3,610; Delicate Provence Champagne brushed hoop earrings, $400; Petite diamond dagger charm, $320; Petite stud lightning bolt, $190; Petite diamond pavé hoop earring, $250; Petite diamond trillion charm, $170. Petite dancing trio chain necklace in 18K gold, $1,100. Contact Barbara Laird for more information at (949) 553-8860,; MODEL: Meri Gulin; PHOTOGRAPHER: Dove Shore; AGENCY: Lyons

Noteworthy Neutrals

Muted in hue but spectacular in style, these extraordinary earrings will match every outfit, forever. With mesmerizing metallics and delicately shimmering stones, these eye-catching neutrals cannot be overlooked. Ultimate versatility is the perfect excuse for a splurge.


Brass and silver earrings.


Shoshannah Frank

18K yellow gold and sterling silver earrings with carved pearl, moonstone, and imperial jasper.


(214) 749-0709,


Noor Shamma

18K rose gold earrings.


(718) 675-0674,

Heather Guidero Jewelry

Oxidized sterling silver earrings with quartz crystals.


(718) 964-3011,


14K white gold earrings with black and white sapphires.


(212) 219-3793,

Kara Strope Designs

14K yellow gold earrings with pearls and diamonds.


(205) 792-7668,


22K yellow gold leaf and enamel earrings.


(203) 956-0705,


Lindsey Snell

Brass, sterling silver, and blackened steel earrings.


(847) 997-9763,

Sylvie Collection

14K white gold earrings with diamonds (0.72 TCW).


(800) 992-3426,

Killer Colors

There’s no piece of jewelry more uplifting to the spirits than a vividly colorful pair of earrings. These beauties range from statement stunners to delicate daytime darlings, but each pair sizzles with spectacular eye-delighting shades of all kinds of colors. So bright and so right!

Dana Busch Designs

24K yellow gold vermeil earrings with azurite, malachite, tsavorite, pyrite, and lapis lazuli.


(303) 241-6649,


14K yellow gold earrings with sunstone and rhodochrosite.


[email protected],

Karma El Khalil

18K yellow gold earrings with chrysoprase and diamonds.


(212) 219-3793,

jolly bijou

14K rose gold earrings with rhodolite garnet, sapphires, and imperial topaz.


(917) 744-6692,

Jane Taylor Jewelry

14K yellow gold earrings with London blue topaz, amethyst, iolite, and purple enamel.


(413) 256-8404,


Mocielli Ltd.

9K rose gold earrings with sapphire and morganite.


[email protected],

De Cosmi

18K yellow gold and blackened sterling silver earrings with ruby slices.


(212) 219-3793,

Lauren K

18K yellow gold earrings with tourmaline (17.43 TCW) and diamonds (0.07 TCW).


[email protected],

Mejia Jewelr

18K yellow gold earrings with mandarin garnet, snake charms, and vintage coral branch charms.


(516) 776-0105,

Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.

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A Liquidation Sale during a Pandemic? Wilkerson Showed Them the Way

For 25 years, Stafford Jewelers of Cincinnati, Ohio, was THE place to go for special gifts, engagement diamonds, high-end Swiss watch brands — in other words, the crème de la crème of fine jewelry. But this summer, the Stafford family was ready to retire. So, they chose Wilkerson to help them close up shop. “One of the biggest concerns was having the sale in the middle of COVID,” says Director of Stores Michelle Randle. Wilkerson gave the Stafford team plenty of ideas as well as safety guidelines, which they closely followed. “All of the employees felt safe, the customers coming in the door felt safe and we did a lot of business,” says Randle. How much business? “The inventory flew,” she says. Translation: They sold millions and millions of dollars-worth of merchandise. Randle calls it, “an incredible experience.” Would she recommend Wilkerson to other retailers who are thinking of thinning their inventories or retiring? “Everyone got more than what they expected out of the sale. You have to hire Wilkerson. They’re amazing.”

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