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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to January’s Gem Quiz




And congratulations to our winner.

Gary Hurdle, sales manager at Casa de Oro in Corpus Christi, TX, is the winner of January’s Gem Quiz. Gary crushed it (excuse the pun — trapiche ruby was the answer) and will soon take proud ownership of a Jewelry Geek t-shirt. Well done, Gary, as well as all this month’s Honorable Mentions for providing the correct answer. Next month’s Gem Quiz will be appearing online soon. Please look out for it.

January Honorable Mentions

Graham Jewelers

Wayzata, MN


Gemological Evaluation & Marketing Services

Danvers, MA

H. Kathleen Childress Designs

Malvern, PA


Ora Jewelry

Los Angeles, CA

Thomas A. Davis Jeweler

Holland, MI


Gems and Treasures of Grace

York, PA

Linn and Owen Jewelers

Lansing, MI

J. David Jewelry

Broken Arrow, OK

The Gold Market Diamond Jewelers

Longmont, CO

Bill’s Jewelers

Thibodaux, LA

Karen’s Jewelers

Oak Ridge, TN

Galloway & Moseley

Sumter, SC

McKendree Jewelers

Grand Rapids, MI

Bravo Jewellers

Carlsbad, CA

Garland Jewelers

Renton, WA

Arabesque Jewelers, Inc.

High Ridge, MO

Todd Reed

Boulder, CO

Futer Bros. Jewelers

York, PA

Christopher & Co.

Champaign, IL

Robert Lurie Jewelry Evaluator

Cape Town, South Africa

Perry’s Fine Jewelry

Charlotte, NC

Garwood’s Jewelers

Fort Collins, CO

UniQ Jewelry Gallery

Portage, MI

Alara Jewelry

Bozeman, MT

Lesley Ann Jewels

Houston, TX

Petit Jewelry Designs

Charleston, WV


Elk Rivet, MN


Omaha, NE

Monarch Jewelry

Winter Park, FL

Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers

Los Angeles, CA

SunSpirit Designs

Loveland, CO

Gunderson’s Jewelers

Omaha, NE

G. Allan Jewelers

Minneapolis, MN

Facets by Susong

Waterloo, IA

Alexander and Lehnert Fine Jewelry

Asheville, NC

San Francisco Gem Lab

San Francisco, CA

Ward’s Jewelers

Bonsall, CA

Good Day Media

San Marcos, CA



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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to November’s Gem Quiz

A Minneapolis gallery manager is our winner this month.




THE WINNER of our November Gem Quiz was Elaine Palmer, gallery manager at Stephen Vincent Design in Minneapolis, MN, who correctly deduced the gemstone was diaspore. Well done, Elaine (who, if you’re wondering, is wearing all Yossi Harari jewelry in this photo), and all those who made it to our Honorable Mentions list below.

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs
Plymouth, MN

Derrick Allen
Graham Jewelers
Wayzata, MN

Caroline Berrettini
Caroline W Berrettini Gemologist, LLC
West Hartford, CT

Jeff Briceland
Thom Duma Jewelers
Warren, OH

Sally Davis
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Anna Crosby
Starblaze Jewelers
Tucker, GA

Dan Deans
Sterling, VA

Vilija Folger
Gem Zone
New Hope, PA

Dena Forte
St. Petersburg, FL

Steve Gallagher

Steve Glazer
Windsor Jewelers
Charlotte, NC

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Kim Hatchell
Galloway & Moseley
Sumter, SC

Anne Henderson
Henderson and Co Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA

David Hermann
Appraisals Fine Jewelry
Longwood, FL

Gary Hurdle
Casa de Oro
Corpus Christi, TX

Kathy Jenkins
Bravo Jewellers
Carlsbad, CA

Veronica Kelly
Mulloys Fine Jewelry
Carlsbad CA

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers, Inc.
High Ridge, MO

Doug Lantz
MJ Harrington Jewelers
Hanover, NH

Rika Larson
The Collector Fine Jewelry
Fallbrook, CA

Troy Lob
Liberty Diamonds
Irvine, CA

Marissa Lockwood
Austin’s Fine Jewelry
Las Cruces, NM

Robert Lurie
Robert Lurie Jewellery Evaluator
Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa

Patrick McNeill
Garwood’s Jewelers
Fort Collins, CO

Paula Morgan
Hollywood, FL

Steffanie O’Sulliva
Abbott Taylor Jewelers
Tucson, AZ

Phyllis Painter
Lesley Ann Jewels
Houston, TX

Brennan Richardson
Richardson Jewelers
Escanaba, MI

Karen Schmitt
Straith’s Jewelers
Centralia, IL

Abigail Simpson
Darvier Custom Jewelry
Fort Collins, CO

Noel Slack
G. Allan Jewelers
Minneapolis, MN

Katrina Sustachek
Rasmussen Diamonds
Racine, WI

Diane Thielker
Romm Diamonds
Brockton, MA

George Ward
Ward’s Jewelers
Bonsall, CA

Sherry Yarnal
Yarnal Jewelers
Castro Valley, CA

Robert Young
Robert Young Jeweler Extraordinaire
Belleair Bluffs, FL

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This Gem Is Like Quartz, but a Lot Wetter




If it weren’t for my high water content (anywhere between 3-20 percent), they say I’d basically be quartz. Which to me is like saying that if Lake Superior didn’t have water it’d be a prairie. Huh! A lake is a lake and quartz I am not. What I am is a soft, delicate, HYDRATED silicate of a certain healthy hue that is sometimes referred to as quinzite (and which yes OK, under some conditions can look like quartz).
Who am I?

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Gem Quiz

There’s a Fungus Among Us, But It’s Definitely Not This Gem

Identify me to win a free t-shirt in INSTORE’s monthly contest.




I don’t blame René Just Haüy; he just wanted a Greek-inspired name that reflected the way I “scatter” when put to the blowpipe flame. Still, my name evokes images of toenail fungus in the minds of many. So it’s no surprise I’ve become better known by trade names such as csarite, ottomanite, turkizite, and zultanite, which play on my connections to the Anatolian Mountains, the only place I’m found in gem quality.

Who am I?

Guess this gem for a chance to win a “Jewelry Geek” T-shirt. Be sure to include your full name and the name and address of your store. The contest winner will be selected from among correct answers to this question.


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