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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz




Our winner this month is Kathlene Seville from Artisans Unlimited in Bucyrus, OH, who correctly identified May’s mystery stone — sillimanite, named in honor of the chemist Benjamin Silliman (1779–1864) and which now serves as Delaware’s state mineral. As one of our Honory Mentions noted, sillimanite is better known as a collector’s piece than a gemstone, or as another put it, “Don’t be silly, man. It’s got to be sillimanite.” Congratulations to everyone who got the answer right.

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs
Plymouth, MN

Derrick Allen
Graham Jewelers
Wayzata, MN

Robert Ball
Henry B. Ball Co.
Canton, OH

Annamarie Bara
Chicago, IL


George Bennett
Chicago, IL

Megan Brown
Holland Jewelry
San Angelo, TX

John Caruso
Gemological Evaluation & Marketing Services Inc.
Danvers, MA

Dustin Corbin
Wholesale Jewelry and Loans
Huntsville, AL

Greg DeMark
Greg DeMark Jewelry
Longmont, CO

William Elliott
Ross Elliott Jewelers
Terre Haute, IN


Rachel Ennari
Westgate Jewelers
Bethlehem, PA

Dena Forte
Saint Petersburg, FL

Sheree Goad
Straith’s Jewelers
Centralia, IL

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Sarah Henderson

Duff Hufford
Huffords Jewelry
St. Louis, MO


Michael Jakubowski
Gem Fanatic
Port Charlotte, FL

Kathy Jenkins
Bravo Jewellers
Carlsbad, CA

Doug Kerns
Lafayette, LA

Sandra King
Harrison Jewelers
Lakeway, TX

Ira Kramer
Diamond Exchange of North Florida
Tallahassee, FL

Cindi Kranz
St. Louis Park, MN

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers
High Ridge, MO

Douglas Lantz
MJ Harrington Jewelers
Newport, NH

Rika Larson
The Collector Fine Jewelry
Fallbrook, CA

Robert Lurie
Robert Lurie Jewellery Evaluator
Cape Town, South Africa

Patrick McNeill
Garwoods’ Jewelers
Fort Collins, CO

Richard Mathis
Symmetry Jewelers and Designers
New Orleans, LA

Betty Methvin
Whitlock Jewelry Store
Eufaula, AL

Robert Mitchell
Nord Jewelers
Kalamazoo, MI

Tony Mohr
Anthony M’s Visions in Gold
Wheat Ridge, CO

Jamie Norton
Holliday Jewelry
Klamath Falls, OR

Theresia Oreskovic
Peter & Co Jewelers
Avon Lake, OH

Kendra Ostrinski
Ware Jewelers
Auburn, AL

Phyllis Painter
Lesley Ann Jewels
Houston, TX

C. Ivy Palmer
Heart of the Home
New Hope, PA

Sarah Patty
Ware Jewelers
Spanish Fort, AL

Marty Pearlmutter
Lester Martin Jewelers
Dresher, PA

Eric Phillips
Carats by Eric
Erik River, MN

Elizabeth Puckett
Hillcrest Designer Jewelry
Little Rock, AR

Brennan Richardson
Richardson Jewelers
Escanaba, MI

Hannah Simmler
Keith Field Goldsmith
Brunswick, ME

Eric H Stall
Stall Jewelers
Round Rock, TX

Gary Wakefield
Diamonds Direct
Richmond, VA

George Ward
Ward’s Jewelers
Bonsall, CA

Taylor Watson
Fischer Evans Jewelers
Chattanooga, TN

Randy Wiese
Randy Wiese
Fort Wayne, IN

Dan Zieher
Lee Ayers Jewelers
Stevens Point, WI



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Gem Quiz

This Gemstone Came in Handy on the Vikings’ Epic Voyages

Test your knowledge.




I WAS NAMED AFTER the Greek word for violet, but when a certain angle of light strikes, I can range from blue to a yellowish gray. Legend has it that Viking explorers used me on their epic ventures into the Atlantic Ocean as a polarizing filter. If they’d happened to stop by Connecticut, they could have stocked up on fresh supplies of me, although I am found in more plentiful supply in Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia, Brazil, and Madagascar.

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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to our winner.




THE WINNER OF our May Gem Quiz was Jonathan Hart, co-owner of Karen’s Jewelers in Oak Ridge, TN, who correctly answered demantoid garnet. Colored gemstone knowledge is a point of pride at Karen’s, which last year put on an exhibition of more than 60,000 gems from around the world. Congratulations to Jonathan, and our honorary mentions below. Well done!

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Glenda Argo
Argo & Lehne Jewelers
Columbus, OH

Idar Bergseth
Victoria, BC, Canada

Brenda Boyd
Johannes Hunter Jewelers
Colorado Springs, CO

Jana Bryson
Park City Jewelers
Park City, UT

Mike Burnette
Gem Shopping Network
Duluth, GA

Bryan Cavitt
Images Jewelers
Elkhart, IN

Jascha Chiaverini
The Diamond & Gold Outlet,
Napoleon, OH

Sally Davis
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Susan DeVore
Diamontrigue of Lubbock & Royal Hummingbird Studio
Lubbock, TX

Bret Dougherty
Studio 2015 Jewelry
Woodstock, IL

Shaun Duran
Kenny G & Company
Reno, NV

Katie Dye
J. David Jewelry
Tulsa, OK

Steve Glazer
Windsor Jewelers
Charlotte, NC

Lance Glenn
Victoria, BC, Canada

Bruce Goodheart
Goodheart’s Jewelry
Overland Park, KS

Christina Grande
Richter’s Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Michael Guadagno
G&W Jewelers
Milltown, NJ

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge TN

Selma Heikkinen
Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths,
Concord, MA

Anne Henderson
Henderson and Co Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA

Linda Horrell
MarBill Diamonds and Jewelry
Belle Vernon, PA

Elizabeth Irvin
Sid Potts Inc
Shreveport, LA

Kathy Jenkins
Bravo Jewellers
Carlsbad, CA

Rochelle Levine Klieger
Ruby and Sons
Endwell, NY

Natali Kragh
Stephen Isley Jewelry
Whitefish, MT

Cindy Lang
Ellis Jewelers
North Little Rock, AR

MaryAnne LaRussa
Futer Bros Jewelers
York, PA

Howard Leong
Golden Image Jewelers
Camarillo, CA

Brenda Logue
Brenda G
Leakey, TX

Nadia Lorr
Steve Quick Jeweler
Chicago, IL

Nina Mahl
Be On Park Fine Jewelry
Winter Park, FL

Emory Markette
J Green & Co
Waycross, GA

Andrea Mattei
Judith Ansteth Jewelers
Chicago, IL

Jona McCauley
B & B Jewelers
Huntsville, AL

Betty Methvin
Whitlock Jewelry Store
Eufaula, AL

Christine Meyers
Roemer Originals
St Charles, MO

Lori Moyer
L. Moyer Designs
State College, PA

Logan Nye
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Cara Olson
Stambaugh Jewelers
Defiance, OH

Phyllis Painter
Designer Jewels
Houston, TX

John Paul
John Paul’s Jewelers
Columbus, GA

Emily Ruffin
Emily Benoist Ruffin Design, LLC
Taos, NM

Jim Saylor
Jim Saylor jewelers
Kapaa, HI

Linda Soule
Van Rensselaer Jewelers
Billings, MT

Jennifer Sullivan
Goodman’s Jewelers
Madison, WI

George Ward
Ward’s Jewelers
Bonsall, CA

Rita Wright
Straith’s Jewelry
Centralia, IL

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Gem Quiz

I Am the Finest Green Garnet

A true son of the Russian soil that was a favorite of Carl Fabergé.




I AM THE MOST precious of garnets, with a green beauty that almost rivals the best emeralds. My fire and brilliance have inspired allusions to the mighty diamond, while my powers of dispersion are unmatched. I enjoyed a golden age not long after my discovery in the Ural Mountains in the 1860s, and was a favorite of Carl Fabergé and the Russian court. But my star dimmed in the years after World War I as the new Soviet Union withdrew into its own world. Today, I am more likely to hail from Namibia, but it is still as a son of the Russian soil, with horsetail inclusions, that I command the best prices.

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