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Here’s the Answer to December’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to our winner.




Here’s the Answer to December’s Gem Quiz

SHERRY YARNAL, A GIA Graduate Gemologist and senior member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, brought some heavy credentials to play our December Gem Quiz. A good thing too, because the correct gemstone – Spinel – has a long and fun history of deceiving people. Well done, Sherry, who runs a store in Castro Valley, CA, and our many Honorable Mentions from across the continent.

Look out for the next Gem Quiz. It will be posted here in the next few days.

Honorable Mentions

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Duane Aldrich
Aldrich Custom Crafts
York, PA

Derrick Allen
Graham Jewelers
Wayzata, MN


Andrea Bazil-Lopez
Sheffield’s Diamonds
Oro Valley, AZ

Dawn Berner
Dawn’s Jewels
Brooklyn Park, MN

Claire Bersani
Bersani Studio
New York

Sean Burger
Huntington Fine Jewelers
Shawnee, OK

Mike Burnette
Gem Shopping Network
Duluth, GA

Ann Cahoon
North Bennet Street School
Boston, MA


Diana Castillo
Wedding Ring Originals
New York, NY

Debra Clegg
Preusser Jewelers
Grand Rapids, MI

Maria Cobuzzi
Bead Dazzled
Middletown, DE

Shelbi Conover
Gunderson’s Jewelers
Sioux Falls, SD

Tony Conway
Aras Jewelers
Rockville, MD

Karen Coyle
Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers
New Oxford, PA


Ernie Cummings
Kizer Cummings Jewelers
Lawrence, KS

Doren Daigle
Hannon Jewelers
Baton Rouge, LA

Dana Danford
Anchorage, AK

Sally Davis
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Dan Deans
Sterling, VA

Kathy Dobb
Stanton Color
Los Angeles, CA

Katie Dye
J. David Jewelry
Tulsa, OK

Mollie Effler
WM Effler Jewelers
Cincinnati, OH

Dena Forte
Qurate QVC/HSN
St Petersburg, FL

Charles Ganske
Charles H Ganske Personal Jeweler
Urbandale, IA

Christina Grande
Richter’s Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Candace George
Bill George Jewelers
Thibodaux, LA

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

John Hayes
Goodman’s Jewelers
Madison, WI

Anne Henderson
Henderson & Co Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA

Andrew Hetland
McKendree Jewelers
Grand Rapids, MI

David Hezlep
Wallace-Burke Fine Jewelry
Birmingham, AL

Michael Jakubowski
Gem Fanatic
Port Charlotte, FL

Kathy Jenkins
Bravo Jewellers
Carlsbad, CA

McKae Johnson
Mark Jewellers
La Crosse, WI

Alice Karakotch
Lido Jewelers
Los Angeles, CA

Carli Karin
Libutti Jewelers
Huntington, WV

Autumn Knight
AZ Watch & Jewelry Service
Tucson, AZ

Ira Kramer
Diamond Exchange of North Florida
Tallahassee, FL

Gregory Krichel
Woodward, IA

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers
High Ridge, MO

Klaus Kutter
A Jour Jewelry Inc.
Bristol, RI

Doug Lantz
MJ Harrington Jewelers
Newport, NH

Rika Larson
The Collector Fine Jewelry
Fallbrook, CA

Rhonda J Lee
Keenan Jewelers
Butte, MT

Braelynn Leppert
Designers’ Circle Jewelers
Burlington, VT

Deb Lewandowski
Krieger Jewelers
Appleton, WI

Troy Lob
Liberty Diamonds
Irvine, CA

Marissa Lockwood
Austin’s Fine Jewelry
Las Cruces, NM

Nadia Lorr
Steve Quick Jeweler
Chicago, IL

Robert Lurie
Robert Lurie Jewellery Evaluator
Cape Town, Western Province

Lisa Lyons
Clarkson Jewelers
Ellisville, MO

Nina Mahl
Be On Park Fine Jewelry
Winter Park, FL

Andrea Mattei
Judith Ansteth Jewelers
Chicago, IL

Jona McCauley
B&B Jewelers
Huntsville AL

Rick McElvaine
Maxon Fine Jewelry
Springfield, MO

Patrick McNeill
Fort Collins, CO

Robert Mitchell
Nord Jewelers
Kalamazoo, MI

Lori Moyer
L. Moyer Designs
State College, PA

K. Myers
Newport, OR

Tom Newcomer
R Bruce Carson
Hagerstown, MD

Jamie Norton
Holliday Jewelry
Klamath Falls, OR

Logan Nye
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Lance Nygaard
Lance Nygaard Gems
Sioux Falls, SD

Theresia Oreskovic
Peter & Co Jewelers of Avon Lake
Avon Lake, OH

Robert Orlando
Roberto Coin Inc – Montage Deer Valley
Park City, UT

Marisa Padin
At Last Fine Jewelry
Providence Forge, VA

Phyllis Painter
Phyllis Painter Designs
Houston, TX

Monica Panek
Murduffs Jewelry
Florence, MA

Brette Peters
Dixon Jewellers
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Amy Rausch
Mountz Jewelers
Carlisle, PA

Brenda Reichel
Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry
Honolulu, HI

Kellan Robinson

Milwaukee, WI

Fabian Rocha
Nasr Bros. Jewelers
Fairview, TX

Michele Rohn
Michele & Company Fine Jewelers
Lapeer, MI

Mark Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO

Cait Russell
Libutti Diamond Jewelers
Huntington, WV

Alexander Rysman
Romm Diamonds
Brockton, MA

Erica Sanchez-Hawkins
Sanchez Hawkins Fine Jewelers
Lake Havasu City, AZ

David Stensrud
Sioux Falls, SD

Irene Schrowang
Schneiders Jewelers
Kingston, NY

Leslie Schwab
Aras Jewelers
Rockville, MD

Eugene Spiegel
Reliable Vintage
Nashville, IN

Marissa Stewart
Yates & Co Jewelers
Modesto, CA

Jennifer Sullivan
G. J. Inc.
Madison, WI

Joshua Summers
Orin Jewelers
Northville, MI

Brianna Tomas
Jurgens Jewelers
North Bend, OR

Kat Tomasso
Dallas, TX

Deborah Vattelana
R. Bruce Carson Jewelers
Hagerstown, MD

Rick Velayo
Kerns Fine Jewelers
Burlingame, CA

Jon Walterscheit
Chalmers Jewelers
Middelton, WI

Rita Wright
Straith’s Jewelry
Centralia, IL

Chris Burslem is Group Managing Editor at SmartWork Media.



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