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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to the winner.




Here’s the Answer to May’s Gem Quiz

SOME SAMPLES OF pyrite may still fool those with an untrained eye but not INSTORE’s clued-in readers. No one suggested our May Gem Quiz mineral might have been gold. But while there were lots of correct entries, there could be only one winner, and this month it was Diana Pollard from Earthstones – the Solitaire in Brighton, CO. Diana notes she is on familiar terms with pyrite, regularly selling faceted versions of it as rings and pendants. “It’s a very popular and interesting stone,” she says. “To make it more interesting, it often reflects the color that the person is wearing.” Well done, Diana, and all our honorable mentions. A new Gem Quiz will be posted soon. Please keep an eye out for it.

Honorary Mentions

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Duane Aldrich
Aldrich Custom Crafts
York, PA

Shari Altman
B&E Jewelers & Gemologists
Southampton, PA

Michelle Athanasopoulos
Ackerman Jewelers
South Tampa, FL

Caroline Berrettini
New England Gem Lab
West Hartford, CT

Lana Blevins
Futer Bros Jewelers
York, PA

James Bowien
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, TN

Cathy Brennan
Sunset Hill Jewelers
West Chester, PA

Greg Brooks
Benchmark Jewelers
Leavenworth, WA

Jana Bryson
Park City, UT

Maureen Carlucci
Stucchi Jewelers
Natick, MA

Bryan Cavitt
Images Jewelers
Elkhart, IN

Steve Glazer
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, TN

Rachel Crow
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Terry Crowe
Therese Crowe Design
Lake Forest, IL

Doren Daigle
Hannon Gemologists & Master Jewelers
Baton Rouge, LA

Dana Danford
Anchorage, AK

Tania De Luna
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Ed Fey
Fey & Co
Naperville, IL

CJ Grad
Caffray Jewellers
Hinsdale, IL

Justine Green
Warren Jeweller
Lancaster, PA

Richard Grinstein
Grinstein Jewelry and Design
Birmingham, MI

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Selma Heikkinen
Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths
Concord, MA

Todd Huebner
Josephs Jewelers
Des Moines, IA

Michael Jakubowski
Gem Fanatic
Port Charlotte, FL

Natalya Johnson
Seattle Diamonds
Seattle, WA

Autumn Knight
Arizona Watch & Jewelry Service
Tucson, AZ

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers
High Ridge, MO

Samantha Larson
Omaha, NE

Troy Lob
Liberty Diamonds
Irvine, CA

Kara Luckadoo
American Ring Source
Fairfield Township, OH

Holly McHone
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Nina Mahl
Be On Park Fine Jewelry
Winter Park, FL

Andrea Mattei
Judith Ansteth Jewelers
Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Menard
Romm Diamonds
Brockton, MA

Robert Mitchell
Nord Jewelers
Kalamazoo, MI

Mandy Mott
Becker’s Jewelers
Old Saybrook, CT

Phyllis Painter
Designer Jewels, Inc.
Houston, TX

Nate Reynolds
Vierk’s fine jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Arianna Schutz
Jensen Jewelers
Great Falls, MT

Kate Shay
Scott & Co Fine Jewelers
New Oxford, PA

Dottie Sheth
Lika Behar Collection
Carlstadt, NJ

Jim Springer
Dunkelberger’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Kutztown, PA

Cassidy Stringfellow
Nicholaus Jewelry & Design
Hutchinson, KS

Joshua Summers
Orin Jewelers
Northville, MI

Katrina Sustachek
Rasmussen Diamonds
Racine, WI

Timothy Wright
Simply Unique Jewelry Designs
Yorktown, VA


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