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Here’s the Answer to November’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to the winner.




Here’s the Answer to November’s Gem Quiz

WE TOOK AN etymological journey through India, Germany and England as we sought to confound and stymie our dear readers with November’s Gem Quiz. A few may have been thrown off, but not Maryfrances Dunker from Linn & Owen Jewelers in Lansing, MI, or our many Honorable Mentions below. Maryfrances claimed the glittering prize awaiting at the end – a Gem Geek t-shirt. Well, done Maryfrances, and everyone else who worked out Padparadscha sapphire was the answer. We’ll post a new Gem Quiz here soon

Honorary Mentions

Tom Borowski
Gold Creations
Brookfield, WI

Mike Burnette
Gem Shopping Network
Atlanta, GA

Priscilla Conbeer
Northampton, PA

Vittoria Curl
Abracadabra Jewelry/Gem gallery
Ann Arbor, MI

Sandra Gentilcore
Gentilcore Jewelers
Pittsburgh, PA

Steve Glazer
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, TN

Jaye J. Hagmaier
Pacific Jewelry
Key West, FL

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Bailey Keister
Windham Jewelers
Windham, ME

Merle Koblenz
Koblenz & Co.
South Kent, CT

Samantha Kwaitkowski
Straith’s Jewelry Studio
Centralia, IL

Holly McHone
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Mina Malak
Malak Jewelers
Charlotte, NC

Steffanie O’Sullivan
Abbott Taylor Jewelers
Tucson, AZ

Phyllis Painter
Designer Jewels, Inc.
Houston, TX

Lindsay Panetta
Zen Diamond
Paramus, NJ

Tara Pellett
R.F. Moeller Jeweler
Saint Paul and Edina, MN

Kellan Robinson
Kesslers Diamonds
Milwaukee, WI

Sara Saylor
Jim Saylor Jewelers
Kauai, HI

Dottie Sheth
Lika Behar Collection
Carlstadt, NJ

Eugene Spratford
Spratford Fine Jewelry
Overland Park, KS

Beverlea Wainwright
Mansfield Fine Jewelry
Mansfield, TX

Dan Zieher
Lee Ayers Jewelers
Stevens Point, WI


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