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Here’s the Answer to October’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to the winner.





RHODOLITES — OUR MYSTERY stone from October — are pretty rare, but not as rare as a double winner in the INSTORE Gem Quiz! Steve Glazer from Bob Richards Jewelers in Germantown, TN, has claimed that honor, becoming only the second person to win our hallowed contest twice, and in doing so adding another much sought-after Gem Geek t-shirt to his wardrobe. Well done, Steve. And well done also to our honorable mentions, who also contributed a correct answer. For everyone else, keep trying and keep watching this space. A new Gem Quiz will follow soon.

Honorable mentions:

Greg Austin
Lee Ayers Jewelers
Stevens Point, WI

Annamarie Bara,LLC
Chicago, IL

Dan Bogue
New Rochelle, NY

Mike Burnette
Gem Shopping Network
Duluth, GA

Bryan Cavitt
Images Jewelers, Inc
Elkhart, IN

Sarah C. Chacón
Fred Meyer Jewelers
Salem, OR

Kim Claire
Warren Jewellers
Lancaster, PA

Tiffany Crist

Fred Meyer Jewelers
Springfield, OR

Tania De Luna
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

CJ Grad
Caffray Jewellers
Hinsdale IL

David Griffon

Griffon Jewelers
Bellville, OH

Jan Hartoon
Hartoon Jewelers
Tecumseh, OK

Autumn Knight
Arizona Watch & Jewelry Service
Tucson, AZ

Rob Lant
The Diamond Center
Claremont, CA

Nina Mahl
Be On Park Fine Jewelry
Winter Park, FL

Kristina Mann
Keller’s Jewellers
Lantzville B.C

Mandy Mott
Becker’s Jewelers
Old Saybrook, CT

John Paul
John Paul’s Jewelers
Columbus, GA

Kate Shay
Scott & Co Fine Jewelers
New Oxford, PA

Teresa Shook
The Jewelry Exchange
Hickory, NC

Joshua Summers
Orin Jewelers
Northville, MI

Doreen Vashlishan
Werkheiser Jewelers
Bethlehem, PA

Alex Weil
Martin’s Jewelry
Torrance, CA

Katie York
Holliday Jewelry
Medford, OR


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