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Here’s What Sold Best for The Brain Squad in October

Lab-grown diamonds were listed by a majority of respondents.




Valina oval-cut crisscross two-tone and milgrain-beaded hidden halo diamond engagement ring with white and rose gold, $2,025 (center not included),

Valina … They are always willing to modify any of their designs to create the perfect ring for my customers. — Christine Graichen, Malloves Jewelers, Middletown, CT

  • We sold some beautiful Gems of Distinction from Rego Designs that gave us a record month! — Annette Kinzie, Leonard Jewelry, Stillwater, OK
Top-selling jewelry brands in October

Stuller (5), Allison-Kaufman (4), Fana (3), Gabriel & Co. (3), Sylvie (3), Quality Gold (2), Simon G. (2), Tacori (2)

*Brands mentioned by at least two of 109 respondents.

  • Rolex … because we finally have stock. — Warren Lagerloef, Betteridge Company, Westport, CT
  • Sylvie bridal with lab-grown diamonds. — Jim Wolf, James Wolf Jewelers, Mason, OH
  • Engagement rings that we set with our own gems. Semi-mount designers included Stuller Ever & Ever and Allison-Kaufman. The styles were popular sellers — classic designs such as solitaires and accented shanks — mostly in white gold with great price points due to the use of upgraded earth-mined diamonds, as well as lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. — Jill Keith, Enchanted Jewelry, Danielson, CT
  • JudeFrances — We hosted a trunk show with the new collection. For The Power to B we sold charity bracelets all month to support two local foundations. Tacori, Sylvie, Fana — Our steady bridal sellers. — Christina Baribault-Ortiz, Baribault Jewelers, Glastonbury, CT
  • Quality Gold, Stuller and always custom. — Loann Stokes, Stokes Jewelry, Stillwater, MN
  • We sold large lab-grown diamonds well. Simon G. bridal was strong, and their new fashion is wonderful. Classics from Veer are always being reordered! — Trevor Williams, Leitzel’s Jewelry, Myerstown, PA
  • Lab-grown diamonds continue to do really well with us. It’s a great way for customers to go larger in their center diamond while upgrading the setting and wedding bands. We’ve also been seeing an uptick in salt-and-pepper diamonds, too. — Becky Bettencourt, Blue River Diamonds, Peabody, MA
  • Allison-Kaufman: Nice products and decent price points. Repairs. Custom. — Cliff Yankovich, Chimera Design, Lowell, MI
  • As much as I hate to say it, lab-grown diamonds. — Rick Sanders, Sanders Jewelers, Gainesville, FL
  • A. Jaffe. We are a bridal store. This is our best line. Also, Fire and Ice Diamonds. We sold lots and had a single sale for $139,000. — Jim Carroll, Rogers Jewelry Co., Modesto, CA
  • Doing well with lab diamonds in bridal, but not so much in fashion, proving once again that I am poor at predicting trends. — Bill Elliott, Ross Elliott Jewelers, Terre Haute, IN

Monthly SALES Survey

How Were Sales Last Month Compared to October 2021?

WAY UP 25% OR MORE: 12%
UP: 26%
SAME: 33%
DOWN: 24%

Total Brain Squad Responses: 153

  • MIDAS Cuban chains for quality, and Vimco Diamond initials for price point. — Brandy Pavlich, Kingston Fine Jewelry, Kingston, NY
  • Custom lab-grown diamond jewelry including engagement rings were our best sellers. Parade Design is also a good line for us. — Laura Sipe, JC Sipe, Indianapolis, IN
  • Lashbrook wedding bands, Hearts On Fire diamond bands and custom-made engagement rings with colored gemstone centers. — David Blitt, Troy Shoppe Jewellers, Calgary, AB
  • Heera Moti gold and diamond bracelets. Vahan bracelets. Loose diamonds then set in engagement semi-mounts by Simon G. and Fana. Larger loose color set in custom jewelry. — Greg Tidwell, Bell Jewelers, Murfreesboro, TN

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