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Here’s Why You Should Register for The INSTORE Show Right This Second

No other trade show offers this many benefits for free.



IF YOU’RE A Midwest jewelry retailer, you absolutely need to be at the INSTORE Show in August. If you’re not, I still strongly encourage you to attend, for the good of yourself and your store.

You won’t find an education program like ours anywhere else, period. Why? Because managing editor Eileen McClelland and I put the entire education lineup together, and we spend 365 days a year uncovering the very best practices of jewelry retailers across North America … so we know who’s doing cool things that you can learn from, and we bring them right to you at the INSTORE Show.

But it’s not just the education — we also have a fantastic show floor featuring the best vendors from the manufacturing and service sectors of our industry. (Skeptical? Check the exhibitor list out for yourself on page TIS8 in this issue’s show preview.) Those who have been INSTORE readers for years know that the companies who advertise in INSTORE tend to be companies that want innovative, forward-thinking retailers as partners in selling their products. It’s the same thing with our exhibitors, and we invite you to come and find out for yourself.


Not only that, but we’re also bringing back the Bench Pressure Challenge, which pits bench jewelers head-to-head in an entertaining competition of skills. And in the evenings, we will gather everyone together for networking and fun at no cost to you.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free to register. Reserve your badge today at You won’t be sorry you did!

Now Introducing The INSTORE Show, Coming to the Chicago Area in 2023!

Trace Shelton

Editor-in-Chief, INSTORE

Five Smart Tips You’ll Find in This Issue

  • Make a list of projects, policies, or products that you should consider killing. Solicit nominations from your staff. (Manager’s To-Do, p. 26)
  • Create an incentive to motivate lapsed customers to get them back in the store. (Manager’s To-Do, p. 26)
  • Organize a round of “speed dates” to give all team members who feel they have something new to contribute a few minutes with you. (The Big Story, p. 32)
  • Teach your sales staff how repair jobs are done so they can explain it to your customers. (David Geller, p. 46)
  • List your team, and next to each name, write their top strength. Ask yourself if you’re putting them in positions that play to their strengths. (Kyle Bullock, p. 50)

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