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Manager's To Do

Here’s Your Manager’s To-Do List for December

Including all the actions you should take to maximize results this Christmas.




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Nov. 29-Dec. 5

WEBSITE Thanks to COVID-19, this is going to be an extra big year for online shopping, be it people researching, buying or just browsing. Make online front and center of all your marketing. Deliver targeted ads on Facebook by uploading your customer list to Ads Manager as a custom audience. It doesn’t take a big budget to make a big impact.

SHOWROOM Review your store’s decompression zone, that first few feet inside the front door. Shoppers here are prone to distractions, which is why you should try keep the area simple and uncluttered. In addition, having greeters makes people more aware of their surroundings and helps them focus.

Dec. 6-12

MERCHANDISING Check over your displays. Make sure the glass tops of your showcases are completely clear of clutter. “You want customers to focus on jewelry and not something blocking their view,” says Keely Grice of Grice Showcase and Display. In fact, clear the entire store of “visual clutter,” such as plastic flowers and excessive window coverings.

SHOP Repairs are a revenue staple, but too many at this time of year can be an unwelcome drag on store operations. Target your customer list with a promotion that includes a cheaper option for repairs collected in January. You’ll ease the workload on the shop and boost foot traffic in January as well.

Dec. 13-19

DISPLAY This is desperation time for shoppers. Can’t-miss hot sellers should be front and center. Roll out spiffs to move the last of your seasonal inventory. Highlight your best sellers on your website and Facebook.

SERVICE Let your top customers know that you can organize private visits during off-store hours to show jewelry, either in the store, on Zoom or at their homes (for your true VIP clients).


CRM Lull in the store? Or just need a break from the sales floor or managing staff? Start drafting thank-you notes (although don’t send them yet). You’ll appreciate the head start come Dec. 26.

Dec. 20-26

STAFF Ensure you and your staff are getting sufficient sleep. Cutting back on your Zs is a false trade-off: A tired staff creates all kinds of problems when the store traffic explodes in those last few days before Christmas.

MARKETING Last week before Christmas — resend your “Holiday Gift Guide” email with helpful shopping ideas.

Dec. 27-Jan. 2

PLANNING Thursday is New Year’s Eve. Take a deep breath, reflect on what you achieved in 2020 despite the challenges, and get ready for an even better 2021. The first step? Renew your subscription to INSTORE. (It’s still free, but you have to renew to continue receiving it.)

DATABASE Start entering all that customer data you collected over the last few weeks.


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