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America's Coolest Stores

ACS 2011: Honorable Mentions



[h3]Daniel Diamonds, Evergreen, CO[/h3]

Owners: Karen and Danny Alkayam
COOL FACTOR: We want an invitation to the store’s annual 100 Carat Carrot Cake Party, where a huge carrot cake made by a local baker is served. Between the layers are nestled 100 carats of gemstones wrapped in foil for guests to find.

[h3]Kesslers Diamonds, Germantown, WI[/h3]

Owner: Richard Kessler
COOL FACTOR: Every employee of the store goes through Kessler University to learn the company’s culture, which includes such customer services as a “miraculous” diamond warranty, an in-store photo booth, restaurant-style consultation booths and an 8-foot(!) video screen playing romantic movies.

[h3]Anfesa’s Jewelers, Garner, NC[/h3] (see: right)


Owners: Anfesa and Al Matthews
COOL FACTOR: This store is so committed to pleasing the happy couple, it has its own ballroom and spa. Its billboards won a national award for signs featuring a man’s proposal — and later his girlfriend’s acceptance — that had the whole town on pins and needles.

[h3]Moyer Fine Jewelers, Carmel, IN[/h3]

Owner: Dan Moyer
COOL FACTOR: Moyer keeps a fully stocked bar in an area that can accommodate 100 people — perfect for that nervous groom-to-be and all his buddies, or local charities that often use the space for functions.

[h3]Fragments, New York, NY[/h3]

Owner: Janet Goldman
COOL FACTOR: Fragments is uptown glamour and downtown cool. It’s about unparalleled craftsmanship and the unique talents of scores of designers from around the world — many of whom the store discovered and represents as a wholesaler in the U.S. Yet, it wouldn’t be a Cool Store if it didn’t back up its products with outstanding customer service and a unique approach to doing business.

[h3]Gould’s Diamonds & Jewelry, Anoka, MN[/h3]


Owner: Cynthia Gould[/h3]
COOL FACTOR: Gould’s new monumental building — based on a historic railroad depot — celebrates the 133-year history of the store and creates a downtown landmark, playing into the store’s active role in the community.

[h3]Rodriguez’s House of Stones, New Philadelphia, OH[/h3]

Owner: Alan Rodriguez
COOL FACTOR: No door buzzers here: House of Stones’ front door opens automatically when customers approach. Such is the small-town, welcoming nature of a store whose very building has perched on its historic rooftop an antique illuminated sign that reads “Welcome to Our City.”

[h3]Leonard Jewelry, Stillwater, OK[/h3]

Owners: Kent and Annette Kinzie
COOL FACTOR: Leonard Jewelry knows how to treat its VIP customers, giving 25 loyal clients vacation packages for two as a special Christmas gift.

[h3]Peter & Co. Jewelers, Avon Lake, OH[/h3]


Owner: Theresia Oreskovic
COOL FACTOR: From giving “random gifts of kindness” to the community around Valentine’s Day to helping a soldier stationed in Afghanistan choose the right engagement ring, Peter & Co.’s service is all about delivering what women want. And that, of course, keeps the guys happy too.

[h3]Charlotte Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM[/h3]

Owners: Dorothee and Gunther Maier
COOL FACTOR: This store gets what store branding is all about. Its straightforward, consistent ads echo the clean lines and color scheme of the store’s interior.



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