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Tip Sheet: September 2004



IT’S SEPTEMBER. And that means one thing? it’s time to fold up the deck chairs, stow the sunscreen, and start getting ready for the holidays.

Helping you do that is our number-one goal at Instore over the next four months. Every issue will feature plenty of holiday sales, promotional and management ideas. Think of us as your high-school track coach ? the one with the whistle permanently affixed to his lips, who every time he sees you slow down even a little, lets loose a piercing blast and bellows: ?Hey, you! Whatsa matter with you? What are you ? a #!@%!@# turtle? Pick it up! Pick it up!?

Like that coach, our goal is simply to get all of you to do your very best this year. Let’s all put a big dent in some of the other luxury categories in 2004 ? yes, high-end electronics and expensive perfumes, we’ve got you in our sights.

In the months ahead, we’ll examine what goes on inside the heads of your customers and tell you how you can best capitalize a little thing called ?human nature?. Also coming: a feature in which we provide you with inspirational stories of businesses that made the most of those ever-so-important 30 days in November and December.

In this issue, we’re kicking off our holiday-preparation series with a bunch of Wow! holiday ideas for your store. This issue is filled with fresh ideas for promotional events, cool holiday looks for your store, and hot products bound to make your customers drool all over your display cases.

In other news, Instore received a couple of big honors over the summer. First, our magazine was named one of the world’s top ten business magazines by the Trade Association of Business Publications International. (See the contest results online at Click here.) And second, an independent survey from MVI Marketing showed, for the second consecutive year, that American retailers have once again selected Instore as their favorite industry magazine by an overwhelming margin. Thanks for the support!


Wishing you the very best business …
David Squires
Executive Editor and Associate Publisher
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