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How a Tech Jewelry E-Comm Startup Blew Up Tiktok

Next time everyone says you can’t… best to take another look at that opportunity.




Jonas and Gerrit
From left: Gerrit Kesten and Jonas Vogedes

(PRESS RELEASE) You can’t sell jewelry on TikTok. “Yep, we heard that one a lot,” both Jonas Vogedes and Gerrit Kesten, co-founders of Evermée, told THE MVEye team when we began discussing the breakout success of their tech jewelry e-comm start up.

“But we got very positive results from the first video vignettes we posted on TikTok,” Gerrit continued, “so we said why not?”

And then one of their earliest video posts hit 2.1 million views and they knew YES- you can sell jewelry on TikTok. “Everyone, including TikTok, took notice after that video hit,” Jonas told us. “We had struck a chord that was resonating with a very broad range of TikTok consumers. And our sales exploded.”

Combining romance and technology, Evermée’s smart locket necklaces allow users to easily upload and display images of their loved ones just by scanning the locket with their smartphones.

“Jewelry has always been used to cherish memories with loved ones,” Jonas noted. “With Evermée we are enhancing this ability through the use of technology. In hundreds of TikTok videos, customers and creators have recorded how this hidden ability turned a little gift into a profoundly touching surprise for their loved one.”

After their early success, TikTok invited them to join the TikTok Creator Marketplace , the official platform for brand creator collaborations. Here Jonas and Gerrit were able to tap into a wide variety of content creators and leverage their audiences to drive e-comm traffic and sales on their site.


The results were impressive. Evermée saw a significant increase in visitors and today TikTok lists the Evermée story on their business Inspiration page, next to iconic brands like BMW, Yves St. Laurent, Amazon, Netflix and others.

So, THE MVEye team asked, what’s next for these modern-day jewelry visionaries?

“We’re in the process of strategically exploring new marketing channels,” Gerrit tells us.
“For example, we’ve been invited to join Google’s invite-only brand accelerator program and we’ll dive deep into their platforms and see what kind of return on investment we can score.”

He continues: “In terms of products, we’re launching bracelets next and have a special concept for them in place. However, we don’t want to give away too much just yet. It’s going to be exciting, so make sure to stay up to date.”

Next time everyone says you can’t… best to take another look at that opportunity.




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