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How to Create a Call-Only Campaign in Google Ads for Your Jewelry Store

What if you don’t want people to click to visit your jewelry store website, but instead, you want them to call? The good news is that you can create a “call only” google campaign for your jewelry store marketing needs. Here’s how to do it.

Creating the Call-Only Campaign

First, click Campaigns in the menu on the left.

Then click the Plus button, then choose New Campaign

Choose whether you want to have Sales or Leads as a goal. You can create a campaign without a goal just by choosing “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

Next, you’ll choose the Search Campaign type.

You’ll next be asked to “Select the ways you’d like to reach your goal”. From here, just check the box under Phone Calls and add your phone number.

Then click Continue.

At this point you’ve created the campaign where your ads will be stored. The next step is to create the ad group.

Creating the Ad Group

Your ad group is like a centralized hub for all of your ads that have a similar theme. For example, maybe you want to promote a sale on diamond engagement rings, but you also want to show your Valentine’s themed jewelry. You’d create two separate ad groups to help keep the two types of products separate while still letting you see the performance of each one.

To create your ad group, just choose the campaign that you want to add, then give it a name and choose some keywords. You can use Google’s built-in keyword suggestion tool by clicking Get Keyword Ideas. From there, save your ad group and you’ll move onto the next step to create your ad.

Creating a New Call Ad

In order to create a new call ad for your call-only campaign, click on Ads and Extensions, then Ads

Then choose Call Ad. From here you’ll choose the ad group to save your ad to. .You’ll need to add your business name and phone number, both of which are required, as well as two optional headlines, which aren’t necessary but are highly recommended to help increase the odds that a prospect will call for more information.

The two headlines are simply a way to show additional text. You can use this area to promote special offers, discounts, your large jewelry selection and much more.

Getting Started with Call-Only Ads

Overall, the process of creating call-only ads is straightforward, but there are some points to keep in mind. For example, location-based extensions, like structured snippet extensions and callout extensions may or may not be eligible to show depending on your ad. Also, there may be costs incurred on the user’s side depending on the country you live in and the phone number you use.

If you need help or guidance creating your call-only ads in Google for your jewelry store, we invite you to connect with the experts at GemFind Digital Solutions. Our 20+ years of experience in creating and managing ad campaigns for jewelry stores and shops of all sizes has made us a recognized name in jewelry marketing. Contact us today to learn more!

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