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How to Get Your Jewelry Store Website to Rank #1 on Google

These days, ranking #1 on Google is an uphill battle. Often, your jewelry store website is facing stiff competition from other online jewelry stores that are more well-known, have a massive marketing team in their corner, and seemingly bottomless marketing budget. Against odds like that, how can your jewelry store compete?

At GemFind Digital Solutions, designing websites on open source platforms, search engine optimization, and developing technology specifically for jewelry stores has been our business for over 20 years. We know a thing or two about ranking jewelry store websites at the top of Google and also take pride in educating jewelry store owners on all aspects of digital marketing. Here’s how you can increase your ranking on Google, step-by-step:

Make Sure Your On-Page SEO is as Good as It Can Be

Your on-page SEO includes things like how mobile-friendly your site is, as well as how fast your site loads. You can test both of these points and get a clearer idea on how easy it is for search engines (and visitors) to “read” your site. The easier it is, the better your ranking will be. Google and other search engines aren’t going to rank a site at #1 that loads slowly or is a mess to read on a digital device.

Fortunately you can test how mobile friendly your pages are for free using Google’s own mobile-friendly test. You can also check your page loading time with Google PageSpeed Insights. This will give you some idea of how mobile-responsive and fast-loading your pages are, and what improvements can be done to make them even better.

Make Sure Your Content Matches the User’s Search Query

No one’s going to deny that it’s incredibly difficult to rank #1 in Google for common terms like “diamond engagement rings”, and even if you did, there’s no guarantee that the user is searching for that term because they’re looking to buy a diamond engagement ring. Instead, use a free tool like Answer the Public to see the “who, where, when, what and how” of user searches related to your term.

For example, some common terms you might be able to rank for that have to do with actual user search queries include:

  • How much should you spend on a diamond engagement ring?
  • How to upgrade the diamond in an engagement ring
  • How many carats are in a diamond engagement ring?

Imagine then, creating content around educating the user on how much they should spend on a diamond engagement ring, as well as showcasing some of your diamond engagement rings in various price ranges. This not only answers their questions, but also highlights your jewelry products as a possible answer and may even naturally lead them to take the next step.

And speaking of creating content…

Make Sure Your Content is as Good as it Can Be

This is not where you want to sabotage all your hard work. By cheapening out on content and doing things like keyword stuffing or trying to find writers that will write something up for pennies is like telling people who walk into your jewelry store, “We don’t really care about the experience you have here.” Online, the same idea applies. Content is an investment, and you want to invest in making your content as good as it can be.

If you’re not a writer, no problem — we get it! That’s one of the reasons why so many jewelry store owners come to GemFind Digital Marketing Solutions. We have writers who understand the needs of the jewelry industry and who have decades of experience writing high quality content that’s engaging, interesting, and developed specifically for your business.

When your content is designed to answer the user’s question fully, Google will start to see your site as an authority on the answer and will subsequently rank you higher. Of course, high quality content is just one tool in your online jewelry SEO toolbox. Another facet of your optimization is going to center around how long users stay on your site.

This is not where you want to sabotage all your hard work. By cheapening out on content and doing things like keyword stuffing or trying to find writers that will write something up for pennies is like telling people who walk into your jewelry store, “We don’t really care about the experience you have here.” Online, the same idea applies. Content is an investment, and you want to invest in making your content as good as it can be.

Search engines don’t like when they rank a page highly as the answer to a user’s search query, the user goes there, and then hops right back off, unable to find what they were looking for. The percentage of times this happens is known as your site’s “Bounce Rate” and if bounce rate is high, the search engine determines that your site must not be as good of a resource as they thought, and your ranking can subsequently drop.

So, if your content is as good as it can be, the next logical step is to keep visitors reading it, which means…

Inter-Link Your Content to Improve Time on Site

Time spent on your site is one of the many metrics that Google uses, and although all the ranking metrics are a secret sauce known only to the search engine giant, it makes sense that anything that gives users a complete, comprehensive answer to their question and does so quickly is ranked higher.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if a user spends more time reading on your site, that also sends the search engine a signal that “this is good quality information and I should rank it higher.”

To help with this, you can keep people reading your wonderfully-written content by interlinking it.

Let’s say you have a guide on how much someone should spend on buying diamond engagement rings, where you provide detailed pricing breakdowns and what type of diamond engagement ring their purchase price gets them. You’d understandably then want to go into some detail on how these prices are decided, so you could conceivably interlink that content with a blog about diamond engagement ring pricing.

The more users read, the more they become informed, and the more they continue to look to your jewelry store website as a recognizable authority in your specific area of expertise.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Although all of the topics covered above are extremely important, the #1 most important aspect of ranking #1 on Google are dedicated pages for each keyword or search term.

Google is most concerned about page user experience, which is now affecting how your website is placed on search engines. The tool for measurement is ultimately bounce rate. Your bounce rate is measured by how many people click on your listing or ad and leave quickly. The more people leave the page quickly, the higher the bounce rate. When you create a dedicated page for individual search terms or topics, your page will have more relevancy to the user because it can be dedicated to that one search term or topic.

(While we’re on this topic, take a look at Google’s announcement on their algorithm update coming in May 2021: )Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search

For example, if a user is searching for an individual product or service that they are interested in but land on a page that talks about multiple products or services, that page is not as relevant to the search they typed in. This ultimately results in high bounce rates.

If a user is searching for ‘Engagement Rings’, create a page that is dedicated to ‘Engagement Rings’ with calls to action, product examples and relevant content, such as proposal stories, educational content, and any helpful information to advance the user to the next step.

Also, be sure to follow the simple formula that has all of the necessary SEO components such as:

  1. Put your keyword in your title tag
  2. Repeat that same keyword in the first sentence of your meta description
  3. Repeat the keyword in your H1 (your largest text heading size)
  4. Repeat the keyword in one or two of your H2’s (your second largest text heading size)
  5. Pepper the keyword throughout the content on the page.

In order to make sure you have this all set-up properly, there are many tools you can leverage which can ensure you are indeed following this formula. If you use Google Chrome, add the Moz Bar chrome extension and you can do a page analysis. If your site is built on WordPress, Yoast is a great plugin that can alert you if you are not following the proper structure.

Don’t Hesitate to Call In the Experts!

These are just a few of the concrete steps you can take to help your site rank better in the search engines, but they are by no means the only ones! That being said, it’s a lot of work to get it done, much less do it right. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call in the jewelry store marketing experts! At GemFind Digital Marketing Solutions, we have decades of experience helping jewelry store website owners rank in the top of the search engines while providing quality content and interactive, engaging features that keep users coming back for more.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive jewelry website marketing solutions!