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How to Keep Your Emails from Going to “Junk,” and More of Your Questions Answered

And what’s it cost to hire a former NFL player for an event?





What can I do to prevent my marketing emails ending up in the dreaded “Promotions” folder?

Rule No. 1 (and it’s almost the only rule you need to know): Build a quality email list base with subscribers who have opted in to receive your emails. Avoid buying email lists or using automated programs to harvest email addresses. It’s costly and Google punishes you, so it becomes more difficult to reach even your own organic list.

Other things to do:

  • Use a reputable email service provider with a good track record for preventing spam.
  • Avoid spammy words and phrases such as such as “free,” and “limited time offer”, ALL CAPS, dollar signs, that may trigger filters.
  • Ensure that your email content is valuable, relevant and engaging to your subscribers. Google is increasingly tweaking its algorithms to reward useful information. Such content will also encourage recipients to engage with your emails.
  • Make sure you balance your material with a “reasonable” number of images and links. Too many images or links will again set off spam alarms.
  • Authenticate your domain using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols, which can help increase email deliverability.
  • Google is capricious. Monitor your strategy, keep testing and tweak to see if you can improve your delivery rate.
The Super Bowl had me thinking that it would be fun to do an event with a former NFL player. How much would it cost? Good idea?

We like your thinking: Marketing with sports stars is a great way to connect with male bridal buyers in a way even regular ads can’t, while also breaking down threshold resistance. Jewelers who have tried this path tell us you’re probably looking at a couple of thousand of dollars for an hour of their time, which is a lot less than the Raiders or Vikings may have once paid them to show up on a Sunday afternoon. But it can be less, depending on rather predictable factors, such as the player’s popularity, availability, and the duration of the event. Also, if the event is cause-related and close to the player’s heart — Jarvis Landry on rescue dogs, Von Miller with glaucoma, Emmitt Smith with youth sports, for example — they might agree to do it for a smaller fee. If the former NFL player is represented by an agency, they may have their own fee structure and requirements for booking. To get a more accurate estimate, try contacting them directly via their social media channels to inquire about their availability and fees. Alternatively, you could contact a talent booking agency that specializes in managing former players for events. They can provide you with a range of options and pricing based on your specific needs and budget.

What sort of limits can I set on my employees’ side-hustles? I want them focused on producing for me.

This is very much a state-by-state issue, but in general, the law looks dimly on efforts to restrict a person’s right to earn an income. Some states like California and New York are particularly protective of employee rights, including the right to “moonlight”, or work for other employers outside of regular work hours. At the same time, if you can show conflict of interest (like a salesperson selling similar jewelry online), then you are on stronger ground. In such cases, talk to your lawyer about drafting an effective non-compete contract.

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It Was Time to Make a Decision. It Was Time to Call Wilkerson.

Except for a few years when he worked as an accountant, Jim Schwartz has always been a jeweler. He grew up in the business and after “counting beans” for a few years, he and his wife, Robin, opened Robin James Jewelers in Cincinnati, Ohio. “We were coming to a stage in our life where we knew we have to make a decision,” says Jim Schwartz. He and Robin wanted to do it right, so they called Wilkerson. The best surprise (besides surpassing sales goals)? “The workers and associations really care about helping us move out own inventory out of the store first. It was very important to us.”

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