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HRD Antwerp Teams Up with Instappraise

The new collaboration aims for innovative new diamond database integration for faster appraisals.




HRD Antwerp Teams Up with Instappraise

(PRESS RELEASE) CALGARY, ALBERTA — The developer of the innovative and easy-to-use jewelry appraisal creation and management solution, Instappraise is announces a new collaboration with HRD Antwerp. Thanks to this latest joint effort between the fast-growing technology startup and Europe’s leading authority in diamond grading, education, and equipment, Instappraise’s jewelry appraisal software solution now seamlessly integrates with HRD Antwerp’s natural and lab-grown diamond grading report database.

Jewelry professionals worldwide recognize HRD Antwerp for its double coding system, which leaves no room for error. The organization draws on 575 years of experience passed down through Antwerp’s diamond trade and strives for perfection in all its products and services. Instappraise aligns with HRD Antwerp’s values of uncompromising quality and excellence.

With this collaboration, the power of HRD Antwerp’s Diamond Grading Report database is directly integrated into Instappraise’s appraisal creation process. This integration allows jewelry appraisers to easily access grading information contained on HRD Reports, instantly download, and add all pertinent grading data to their appraisal documents, including a PDF version of the HRD Grading Report(s).

Instappraise makes this step seamless in the appraisal creation workflow through automation. With this powerful new integration, jewelry professionals can easily import diamond grading data and confirm that on-location observations from an item being appraised match the data from its HRD Antwerp Diamond Grading Report and easily incorporate the information into the appraisal.

This innovative integration speeds up and optimizes the jewelry appraisal workflow for the appraiser by automating the data entry process, saving valuable time and significantly reducing the risk of human error, including typos and other accidental data entry human errors.

HRD integration on Instappraise:

  1. Create an appraisal on Instappraise;
  2. Add a diamond to the document;
  3. Type in the grading report number inscribed on the diamond or as mentioned in the report;
  4. Click “Import” and let Instappraise do the rest of the work for you!;
  5. Repeat these steps as many times as needed to ensure all HRD Antwerp graded diamonds mounted in the jewelry are added to the document.

Ellen Joncheere, CEO of HRD Antwerp, states: “Jewelry appraisals are crucial quality elements for retailers and consumers. We are glad to tie up with Instappraise to incorporate HRD Antwerp certified diamonds in the appraisal reports. Incorporating our grading reports in the appraisals will further enhance the customer’s buying experience and support the retailer in their sales process.”

The HRD documents available through this integration include the Natural Diamond Grading Report, the Laboratory Grown Diamond Grading Report, the Treated Diamond Grading Report, the Natural Diamond Colour Grading Report, and the Natural Diamond Identification Report.

For all your diamond grading needs, you can explore HRD Antwerp’s, including jewellery reports, screening and detection services, and more. To learn more about their wide range of offerings, visit

Try out the Instappraise platform, including this new HRD grading report database integration, and schedule your one-on-one demo, visit



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