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IEG: With T. Gold, Vicenzaoro is the “Innovation Hub” for the Entire Jewelry Supply Chain

Event is happening from January 17-22.




(PRESS RELEASE) VICENZA, ITALY – Once again this year, Vicenzaoro January will be celebrating its hi-tech aspect with T.GOLD, the international show for jewelry machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to gold and jewelry processing. In fact, from 17th to 22nd January, the Italian Exhibition Group event will consolidate its role of innovation hub for the entire jewelry supply chain by offering a complete overview of all the latest ideas that can qualitatively enhance jewelry manufacture and processing in an increasingly more international and heterogeneous market.

Six exhibition days with seminars and workshops will spotlight a technological know-how that historically speaks Italian and has asserted itself over the years as the most sought-after among international operators, underlining the inseparable bond between creative skill and the technologies whose innovations now involve every aspect of the production process. An opportunity for jewelry companies to increase their competitiveness by equipping themselves with the largely Made-in-Italy skills and abilities that are leading the global technology and machinery market.

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T.GOLD will therefore see the debut of all the very latest tech entries in the gold and jewelry sector able to dictate future trends, thanks to the presence of key exhibiting companies such as Legor, Sisma, OMPAR and Novagum from Italy, Gemvision and 3D Systems from the United States and a significant attendance of German firms.

Moreover, T.GOLD acts as a meeting point for artisans, companies and advanced technology suppliers thanks to its partnership with AFEMO (Italian Association of Jewelry Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters) and Italian Exhibition Group’s collaboration with the Italian Foreign Trade Agency (ICE), which has extended the audience of incoming buyers from countries such as Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The not-to-be-missed appointment with the Jewelry Technology Forum, Europe’s exclusive international conference on new technologies and the latest trends in the jewelry sector, co-organized with Legor Group, will be held on 19th January 2020.

JTF offers a training moment for new and veteran gold and jewelry operators alike, providing the chance to compare and be updated on sector progress and trends. This year, the event will once again feature the experiences of exceptional speakers from the business and academic worlds. The topics under discussion will range from crystalline grain to innovation planning, from acrylic photopolymer 3D models for micro-casting to the macro-economic scene. The event will draw to a close with a closer look at the topic of synthetic diamonds.


Innovation will, however, be a transversal theme at Vicenzaoro. Indeed, the unmissable new entries this year will include considerable focus on the younger generation.

‘The Gold Run’ hackathon specifically addresses the new generations of innovators. Thousands of university students will, in fact, be able to translate the fundamental multi-disciplinary skills that lie behind gold-jewelry production, from chemistry to physics, from design to the implementation of digital technologies, into unprecedented and tangible projects. The 40 best proposals for creating a new product or innovative packaging will be submitted to an advisory board made up of prominent sector experts.

Lastly, with its “StartUp and Carats” project, for the first time IEG will be launching a focus on the Start-Up and innovative SME world as a further means to innovate the supply chain. Exploiting the strategic co-management with ICE, the initiative will provide visibility to new business models that are seeking to enter the jewelry scene and will offer talks and moments of encounter as well as the involvement of international incubators.

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