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IGDA 2.0 Launches as Lab-Grown Diamond Industry Experiences Rapid Expansion

Revamped trade association to represent the lab-grown diamond industry, educate consumers and promote lab-grown diamonds globally.




Anna-Mieke Anderson of MiaDonna Courtesy of MiaDonna
Anna-Mieke Anderson of MiaDonna Courtesy of MiaDonna

(PRESS RELEASE)MORRISVILLE, NC — The International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) announced the launch of IGDA 2.0, a complete revamp of the trade association originally formed in 2016, to serve and support the lab-grown diamond industry.

The IGDA 2.0 launch is lead by the deployment of a new website, a broader based board of advisors, the development and distribution of consumer point of sale and promotional materials, sales associate training and the evolution of a network of international chapters.

“IGDA 2.0 will provide focused services, to support the growing number of global lab-grown diamond companies,” said Dick Garard, Executive Director of IGDA. Garard continued: “We have an aggressive strategic plan that begins with the involvement of the entire global Lab-Grown Diamond industry, many longtime supporters and the welcome addition of newer, younger members.”

Anna-Mieke Anderson, CEO and Founder of MiaDonna added:

“Clearly consumer interest in the Lab-Grown Diamond category is growing rapidly and
globally. In response to the consumer demand, there has been a significant increase in the number of retailers stocking the product, as well as an expansion in the number of designers and manufacturers incorporating Lab-Grown Diamonds into jewelry styles.”

IGDA’s mission continues to be to represent the Lab-Grown Diamond industry, educate consumers and promote Lab-Grown Diamonds.


The IGDA 2.0 launch will enhance the organization’s professionalism, diversify the membership, and expand global reach.

New members are welcome and can learn more here.



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