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Ignorance is Not Best




Ever walk into a store where the sales people are texting, reviewing inventory lists and on the phone (with no customers in sight) then look directly at you and go back to what they were doing? Sure you have. We all have. As a customer, we want to feel needed. After all, it’s our purchases keep businesses in operation, correct? So it really bothers me when I encounter this scenario completely void of common courtesy or common sense. 

When you look someone in the eyes and neglect to say hello as they enter your store is ignorant…and not a good first impression. 

You can’t tell me that you didn’t see me. You might tell me you’re busy with all the work your boss gave you (though I’m sure texting isn’t one of your jobs), but honestly, how busy can you be not to say hello. I realize that some owners put a lot of pressure on employees to sell and produce, but what smart business would overlook the basic need to be friendly? 

Unless you live in a one-store town that is separated by miles and miles…then why would you ignore the need for each and every staff member to come off as genuine and considerate? A simple hello. A smile. Even in the one-store town, you’re never really alone…there’s still the internet. You always have competition, so first impressions are critical. 

Do you think you offer such an amazing product that people just can’t resist going anywhere else? Do you think your customers are that loyal to walk into your store and feel ignored? 

Think about it, whether a referral, an existing or a potential customer walks in. Each and everyone should be greeted. I mean, the sales person stops what they are doing. Literally and turns to the customer to say hello. Even if you follow the hello with, “I’ll be with you in just a moment,”  is better than the customer feeling as though they’ve interrupted. If you’re on the phone, you can simply turn to the customer, smile and do the one-finger up – universal signal for “be right with you” or “one moment”…while mouthing the the words in silence at the same time.


This is not hard and should be standard policy. 

If you liked this post, check back tomorrow for another example of ignorance I would like to share with you. Until then, have a good day. 



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