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Super Jewelers Were an Inspiration … Except for the One in High Heels

Nobody should feel pressured to wear heels, says Minnesota jeweler.




Super Feature

Loved hearing about the “Superhero Jewelers” (INSTORE, December 2014); pumped me up to try new and different things in 2015. Would love to hear more about creative events that jewelers throw in their stores — we are having a birthday party for our store dog in January. — Karen Hollis, K. Hollis Jewelers, Batavia, IL

Shame on You, INSTORE

As a 48-year-old artist and the manager of a custom jewelry studio, I am grateful to possess the passion, knowledge and creativity to both run a studio and form personal relationships with our clients at the most sacred milestones in their lives. I am also old enough to remember workplaces where women were required to wear high heels. The inclusion of a manager who works in 4-inch heels as a sales tactic in your “Superhero Jewelers” feature was incredibly disappointing as well as offensive to your female readership. And the suggestion that risking injury makes her a good employee is ludicrous. We’ve always regarded INSTORE as required reading for staff, but if even one female jewelry store employee is asked or feels pressured to wear high heels to work because of this feature, you’ve done your readers a disservice. Shame on you, INSTORE. — Jen Bellefleur, Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry, Minneapolis, MN

Keep Your Guard Up

Never be complacent, always watch your back. My house was just robbed of all jewelry — nothing else was touched. It was as if they knew what I had. — Armando Gonzalez, Blue Marlin Jewelry, Islamorada, FL

Award Winner

Congrats on winning the best trade magazine (2014 Folio Eddie & Ozzie Awards/Retail). I knew you were good, I just didn’t know how you stacked up against the rest. — Brian McCall, Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers, Zionsville, IN

Let’s Go Big Again

Jewelry manufacturers, get your act together and find one or two categories to promote for fall 2015. Let’s all make something big like the old three-stone rings, diamond studs or diamond Journey jewelry again. — Ray DuBose, R.S. Mann, Jr, Jeweler, Newnan, GA



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