Outside The Box: Simon Jewelers

Innovative Events That Succeeded

Published in the January/February 2012 issue

Last October, Simon Jewelers teamed with Slane jewelry and other sponsors to host a concert celebrating the work of Habitat for Humanity as well as the album release of local country singer Lacy Green. The concert, held in the courtyard behind the store, attracted nearly 500 people, many of whom came into the store for the first time.


How did you measure success for the event?

We had a pre-concert event in the store and had regular customers as well as new concert attendees. It was a real feel-good event. Many local individuals and businesses posted about our event on Facebook, as well as exposure through our site and Lacy Green’s website. Lacy currently has a YouTube video on the event.

Why was it a natural fit for Simon’s, Slane and Lacy Green to partner up to support Habitat for Humanity?

We feel it is important to support this “quality of life” element in our community. We all believe in giving of oneself to others, and Habitat for Humanity is a great reflection of that mission.

How did the charity benefit from your involvement?

We were able to present them with a check for $1,000 and have them featured at the concert. The local newspaper covered the event and wrote about Habitat. We were able to have a picture of a Habitat home printed and circulated on the Web through Facebook.

How did Simon’s ultimately benefit from putting on this event?

It called attention to our business being involved in our community. We have made a special “Lacy” pendant by SLANE and donate a portion to the Lacy Green Band. Lacy is proudly wearing SLANE as she performs here locally, as well as in her travels.