Cool Website: Saks Fifth Avenue

Venerable luxe retailer boasts the most user-friendly site on the Web.

Published in the January/February 2012 issue

Saks Fifth Avenue,opened in 1924, was conceived as a specialty store that would become synonymous with fashionable, gracious living. launched in 2000 with a goal of providing a personalized shopping experience.

1WHY IT’S EXCEPTIONAL: Possibly the most user-friendly retail site on the Web, Saks organizes designer product by every conceivable method, and also connects with social media.

2WHY IT WORKS FOR THE BRAND: While known for its luxury brands, the Saks website shrewdly  promotes affordable gifts — by price point, designer, category, and even by occasion and recipient.

3 MORE GREATNESS HERE: Every product includes two views: one as stand-alone, and the other as seen on the human figure. Each product can also be zoomed and panned for more detail.

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