Trollbeads unveiled three beads for Mother's Day on Monday.

For a limited time, the retired Joyful bead is back. This designer silver bead has a spiraling and curving pattern.

And for the first time as Universal glass beads —  a pink lined crystal bead embedded with 13 cubic zirconias — fit on any bracelet brand. Also available is the Universal Pink Desert bead — a rosy pink bead with tiny pieces of gold. 

Trollbeads Mother's Day bracelet features: Gold Flower lock, Joyful, Purple Prism, Nougat Flower, Gold Heart, Purple Flower, Silver Hydrangea, Pink Desert, Daisy, Rose Quartz, Gold Mountain Flower, Purple Stripe, Double Heart, Cream Armadillo, and Ruby beads.

Trollbeads Mother's Day Event will be held May 3-6.