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No Showcase Like Tiffany's

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Most jewelry stores display their jewelry on a boring series of standard displays and risers. A few do an exceptional job of creating beautiful themed displays for showing off their jewelry. And then there’s Tiffany, which makes an art form out of jewelry display, and has done so for decades.

Gene Moore, who joined Tiffany in 1955, began using the windows to tell stories with the jewelry and eventually became VP of Window Display. Moore’s displays went beyond beautiful – each one either told a story or created an impression of beauty and structure that mirrored and enhanced that of the jewelry itself. If you want to do something that will make customers talk and return again and again, take a page out of Moore’s book. Watch this video. You will be inspired.

You can see more about Gene Moore in this video, and hear some real gems, like “People don’t pay attention to printed signs, but they do pay attention to handwritten signs. It’s voyeurism.” Or “Eggs are the most perfect shape in the whole world. They are not to be painted.” Or maybe best of all, “There’s a difference between looking and seeing.”

Finally, take a look at Tiffany’s latest window project, a collaboration with stylist-for-the-rich-and-famous Rachel Zoe.




Two-Time Winner

When it was time to close its doors, Cranstoun Court Jewellers of Sun City, Arizona chose Wilkerson to handle its liquidation sale. For all involved, the sale “far exceeded expectations.” But it wasn’t the first time Wilkerson helped sell off the store’s aging merchandise. They were there 13 years before, when ownership changed hands. See how Wilkerson can help you when it’s time to liquidate or sell off aging inventory.


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