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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 01:53

The Male Shopper and Accessories

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There was an interesting article in the New York Times about the return of the male shopper and his purchasing of accessories.

Granted I have just shared my dating dilemmas with men who wear jewelry on my personal blog. But obviously there are men who want and can pull off accessorizing with gusto, retailers who are not only salespeople but stylists and it seems to work for these men and importantly both our industry and the fashion industry.

According to the Times article, the bracelet seems to be the jewelry item of choice. In my recent travels to trade shows and being out on the streets and in designer showrooms, I have noticed a creative mix of materials: metals and leather are on top of the trend--with a military feeling. Stainless steel silver and alternative metals provide a hardware feeling and more classic link chains with some great masculine engraving crossing various demographics

Not sure about the pocket squares and "purses" disguised as "holdalls" for the American guy, which seem to work so much better on European men.

But add a bracelet or two to a men's wardrobe, along with a watch, cuff links (if he wears French cuff shirts) and if married, a wedding band and I am all for allowing men in on what women have known all along: accessories help define personal style. It's definitely shouldn't be the "clothes wearing the man" but when a man wears clothes he should get the benefit of a little extra piece that says who he is. Hopefully he knows he isn't David Cassidy and will leave the Puka Shells back in the seventies.

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