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Industry Veterans Launch Glatter Jewelry Services and ForeverHearts.




(Press Release) Longtime manufacturer and wholesaler Rick Glatter and high-end brand jeweler Ken Shelton, owner of Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers in Little Rock, AR, have formed an alliance to launch Glatter Jewelry Services and the high-end bridal brand ForeverHearts.

They have sourced the top suppliers in the world of ideal cut hearts and arrows diamonds and are offering qualities at or above what other bridal manufacturers are currently manufacturing and offering in the U.S. All the diamonds used in the ForeverHearts bridal brand are cut to AGS Triple Zero proportions and offered in qualities of DEF VVS and GH VS.

Every diamond set is naturally sourced down to a .005 carat size and is tested by their suppliers and guaranteed to be natural with all diamond rough being conflict free.

ForeverHearts is also made in a higher gold content than other bridal brands — 19 karat gold instead of 18 karat gold. Use of the whitest of fine jewelry alloys available gives retail jewelers a rhodium-free product both in gold and with Glatter Jewelry Services’ 95/5 platinum iridium settings.

Every bridal mounting is made in the U.S. and each diamond is microscopically set.

Every bridal piece a jeweler buys is grown in wax from scratch from the original cad cam file guaranteeing first generation quality that can be modified for a different diamond size or shape or ring size before being cast. Custom design is also available.


Glatter Jewelry Services also offers the line as a private label brand the jewelers can, themselves, brand. With this private label option, Glatter Jewelry Services will laser engrave the jewelers logo in the inside ring shank at no charge.

Also, any retailer will be able to get an exclusive dealership in their market for a small-buy in commitment. Rick Glatter stated, “All I want is for a jeweler to buy 10-15 pieces so that they get enough of a representation for 12 inches of one of their showcases in the bridal section.”

Glatter went on to say, ”Along with the dealership, each jeweler with receive a Hearts and Arrows viewing scope and one of the diamonds we buy from our cutters certified by an independent gem lab, GCAL Gem Lab, confirming that it is cut to AGS Triple Zero proportions, showing it is Excellent in Optical Brilliance, Optical Symmetry, and within the Hearts and Arrows pattern.”

“Recently GCAL graded a.07ct diamond we bought from our cutters. It was certified as displaying Triple Zero qualities and was stated on the certificate that the optical brilliance exceeded 95% in light return. Later this summer I will have GCAL grade 30-40 randomly selected diamonds individually in a variety of sizes and the two color and clarities we offer and compile these findings to determine the consistency of the cut.”

Glatter concluded by saying, “I believe in giving each jeweler and sales associate valuable selling tools that differentiate the ForeverHearts bridal brand or their private label brand from all the other bridal brands; the science behind the beauty of each engagement ring a jeweler sells.”

Shelton brings his own unique skill set to the company both as a managing partner and experienced retailer. He has been in the jewelry industry for over 32 years, the first 20 of which were with Bailey, Banks & Biddle. He had the top store in the company when it had 350 locations.


Shelton then became district manager supervising over 20 stores in 10 different states when Bailey, Banks & Biddle had 150 stores. Shelton developed training programs for the company that increased sales growth in diamond bridal sales by almost 40% in one year. Shelton founded Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers in 2005.

Shelton will be in charge of operations at Glatter Jewelry Services LLC. He will coordinate all the manufacturing of the orders, maintain GJS’s national headquarters, and Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers will serve as the Flagship Store showcasing the ForeverHearts Bridal Couture Collection.

Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers will serve as the company’s showroom where other retail jewelers from around the United States can come to see the entire ForeverHearts Bridal Couture Collection. The pieces will be displayed in a brand store environment and visiting jewelers will be personally trained by Ken and his staff members on how they make a presentation to their clients that highlights the advantages and benefits that help differentiate the ForeverHearts brand from other bridal designers.

“What all jewelers need is a selling advantage,” Shelton stated. “That advantage is to return to what made jewelers like Tiffany, Cartier and so many others famous. If the quality of the product they sell exceeds the customer’s expectations in every way, then they can rightfully claim to be superior to any other choice. That is what Foreverhearts provides.”

Shelton went on to say, “ForeverHearts will become the ‘missing brand’ — that rare combination of high perceived value and fair and competitive pricing. We will give back to the high-end independent jeweler the ability to offer his client the item they had aspired to have when they decided to celebrate a meaningful moment in a relationship.”

Glatter and Shelton will be attending the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show. If you want to meet with them and see the ForeverHearts bridal selection, call or text Glatter at 501- 960-4580 or Shelton at 501-352-5502 to set up an appointment.


If you are not attending the show, they can also be reached at the Glatter Jewelry Services office at 501-448- 2107 or by email at or For any jeweler who would like to see the ForeverHearts Bridal line in their store, Rick Glatter will personally meet with the jeweler when he is in their region this summer or in the fall.



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