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Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365
Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365

Introducing TPC-365, The Plumb Club’s Virtual Sales Meeting Platform

With total control over every aspect of the session, TPC-365 lets retailers shop virtually and see collections in astounding detail.

Togetherness nurtures relationships and makes lasting connections. Because that hasn’t been possible in recent days, The Plumb Club has introduced TPC-365, a groundbreaking B2B virtual sales meeting platform that gives retailers total control over how they view jewelry and Plumb Club members all the tools they need to tailor a viewing session to a jeweler’s needs. Launched in September, TPC-365 was customized for The Plumb Club by BOSS Logics, a leading provider of web-based business-solutions. Using BOSS’s innovative “together” technology, TPC-365 goes beyond video conferencing and screen sharing to seamlessly replicate an in-person sales meeting.

“The new TPC-365 from The Plumb Club is great,” said Tom Hart, Vice President of Merchandising for Canadian-based retailer Charm Diamond Centres, Ltd. “The experience is much more interactive and easy to use than any other platform out there and each person at the meeting can click on any product to see in more details and view product details.”


With TPC-365, vendors can conduct a virtual meeting just like they do in person. It’s incredibly easy to participate: Jewelers simply click on a link in an email invitation and they’re in the meeting. Only a minute is required to sign up as a TPC-365 retailer and there’s no need to download an app or subscribe.

Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365

TPC-365: Do business anytime and anywhere.


Jeff Weinman, executive vice president of sales for Plumb Club member Original Designs, says he was skeptical that TPC-365 could replicate an in-person sales meeting but now he’s a firm believer. “It lets me present ‘virtual product trays’ to my customers, who can click for a closer look, drag-and-drop selections and review look books and catalogues as easily as if they were being slid across a table,” he says.

TPC-365’s interactive product and media-sharing features lets vendors see what clients are looking at in real time right down to the smallest detail. Vendors can be totally responsive with their customers as they interact with products on screen.

Other screen-sharing and video meeting platforms are limited and clunky, but TPC-365 closely duplicates an in-person sales call. Presentations can include high-resolution product images, descriptions and streaming media, all tailored to a client’s needs. Vendors can add pre-developed presentations or unscheduled elements from a virtual content library available at their fingertips. When the presentation is completed, vendors can email a virtual briefcase of selected items, including product images, pricing, notes and collateral to their customer.

Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365

The Plumb Club’s TPC-365 is the jewelry industry’s most robust virtual sales meeting platform.



Though TPC-365 will roll out in three phases, Plumb Club member companies can now invite retailers to join a virtual meeting. Retailers can also request a meeting through The second-phase will allow retailers to seek out specific product via a virtual shopping center. The third phase, to be completed in 2021, establishes a resource center that gives access to The Plumb Club’s valuable education content.

Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365

TPC-365 is easy for vendors and jewelers to access and can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.


TPC-365 is also a compelling benefit for Plumb Club companies. Members say they’ve met with clients more often in the past few months than ever before. The Club has recently opened its membership rolls and will consider a limited number of new company members. These should be businesses that are on-board with the need for RJC compliance, The Club’s code of ethics and its mission to positively shape the future of the jewelry industry. Interested businesses can submit a membership inquiry at

“Many industries have successfully leveraged the virtual space for years,” says Michael Lerche, president of The Plumb Club. “That space is now more essential than ever for sustained business growth. Virtual is the future. When TPC-365 is complete, it will house the elements that will help us achieve our mission to ‘Educate, Innovate and Connect.’”

Get Virtual with The Plumb Club’s TPC-365
For more information about TPC-365, contact the Executive Director, Lawrence Hess: