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Jamie Joseph’s Stroke of Genius Turns Broken Gemstones Into Beautiful Art



“If you would have told me in my junior year of college, as I was pursuing my business degree, that I would be a jewelry designer one day, I would have disagreed,” Jamie Joseph says. “But in my senior year, I needed to round out my courses and I decided to take a metalsmithing class. It was as if my eyes had been opened and a new passion was born. I’ve never looked back since.”

She and her husband, Jeremy, an innovative gem cutter, work together in their Seattle studio to turn every gemstone they touch into a collectible work of art by bringing out its natural beauty.

How did you use salvaged broken stones in your latest collection? 

Setting as many stones as we have over the last 20 years, I have amassed a sizable collection of cracked, bruised and broken stones with spectacular color and quality. I’ve kept all of them with the hopes that Jeremy would find extra time to recut them someday. When I learned about the Japanese art of Kintsugi, my Golden Joinery Collection was born. Pieces feature cleaved gems whose fissures are filled with 22K gold seams. Each is one of a kind.

How do you select gemstones?

Jeremy and I gravitate to stones that speak to us. When we look at gems, we see the time, heat, pressure and elements that formed the gems over the eons. Each gem is unique in its reaction to the earth, leaving traces and clues to that gem’s particular history. It’s in those traces, whether they be inclusions or color striations, that we see the beauty of each gem.  

How do you and Jeremy bring out the best in a gemstone?

We spend time with each gem that speaks to us, studying its unique characteristics, the placement of inclusions or the concentration of color. In doing so, we get to know each gem, and with care we are able to cut, shape or polish a stone to what we envision as the best possible unique version of itself. 

Why should retailers add color to their inventory? 

Color makes everyone happy. It can uplift your mood, especially when you are wearing a beautiful gemstone ring. 


Sterling silver and 14K gold drusy agate ring with diamond (0.03 TCW), $1,145

Green tourmaline Golden Joinery necklace with diamonds (0.05 TCW) in oxidized sterling silver and 22K gold, $3,675


Oxidized sterling silver and 22K gold turquoise Golden Joinery ring, $1,950

Web Exclusive: Quick Hitters

Do you have a favorite gemstone? I find something intriguing about each stone I see. Some speak to me more than others and those tend to be my favorites, but my tastes have also evolved over time. I could share with you my current favorite, but if you asked me again, I might give a completely different answer. 

Do you have a secret talent?  I am a good baker.  Jeremy tells me I’m a master, especially my cookies, pies, and pizza doughs.

What’s something most people don’t know about you? Jeremy and I followed The Grateful Dead on and off for several years in the early ’90s. We sold silver, dancing bear earrings and magic wand hair sticks. 

How do you relax after a long day of work?  I like to come home and take an hour walk followed by a glass of red wine and dinner. 

Favorite place to visit?  Tropical places that have great scuba diving.  Jeremy and I recently went to Mexico and dove with sharks, which was amazing. 


Best advice you’ve ever received? One of my professors once said to never look back with regret but rather move on to the next thing.  A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lessons.  I have found this to be very relevant in all aspects of my life. 

Name a goal that has nothing to do with jewelry. I want to get my pilot’s license. 

Guilty pleasure? I have a weakness for glazed donuts. 

This article originally appeared in the February 2017 edition of INSTORE.



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Customer Types

This Fierce Female Client Type Wants Jewelry As Powerful As She Is

Jewelry with meaning resonates particularly strongly with her.




WITH 2018 BEING NAMED “Year of the Woman” and 2019 headed on a similar path, empowering jewelry has remained a strong trend. The Fierce Femme puts her jewelry on like armor every morning, and each piece makes her feel strong and protected. She is drawn to statement pieces that hold deeper meanings, pieces that she can connect with and pair with her daily wardrobe.

1. Lindley Gray

There is something powerful about a pinky ring: it’s a small piece of jewelry that makes a big statement. This signet ring includes a black spinel, which is said to repel negative energy. When worn with the point of the triangle facing down, it symbolizes feminine energy.


Foundation signet ring in 18K yellow gold featuring custom cut black spinel trillion.

2. Linda Hoj

This sword necklace was inspired by the designer’s daughter and signifies power, strength, protection and action. The Fierce Femme is drawn to this meaningful story; she knows that this piece will be a daily reminder that anything is possible.


Dark Sister necklace in blackened sterling silver and 22K yellow gold with rubies.


3. Imperfect Grace

Bold, gold hoop earrings are in, thanks to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are an empowering yet classic addition to any outfit, including a power suit.


14K yellow gold textured hoop earrings.

4. Cleopatra’s Bling

Our Fierce Femme loves a special talisman, and this ring fits the bill. It features the fearsome face of the Gorgoneion, which has been used as a protective symbol for centuries. It was worn as a protective amulet by the goddess Athena to ward off evil.


Gorgoneion ring in 18K yellow gold with pink sapphires.

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2019 Golden Globes Feature Dramatic Jewelry Looks You Can Adapt for Yourself

A-list actresses wore looks that can translate into everyday life.




THE 76TH GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS kicked off the awards season with a dazzling dose glamour in dramatic jewelry that shone brightly. Diamonds dominated the evening in some of the most awe-inspiring necklaces we have seen in seasons, such as the Tiffany & Co. stunner that Lady Gaga wore and the antique, vintage and inspired styles seen on Dakota Fanning, Isla Fisher, Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh.

Sure, we all need one stunning diamond necklace. But unless we need to be black-tie-ready on a regular basis or plan on attending red carpet events throughout the season, owning one of these pieces might be out of step with our lifestyles.

The other trends of the evening are more easily adaptable to what we can incorporate into our own jewelry wardrobes and can translate more easily into pieces we can buy, own and wear.

If you are like me, you might have watched the show and started longing for a pair of earrings that are lightweight yet are streamlined, linear and full of movement. We might choose a pair with less carat-weight, but these styles are definitely inspiring and are perfect when spring rolls around. They can work with everything from tanks and T-shirts to flirty or more sophisticated dresses. Here are some of our favorites that A-list actresses wore:

Julia Roberts in diamond Chopard double drop linear earrings.Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

Lupita Nyong’o in Bulgari earrings with swing and movement.Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock


Lili Reinhardt in Swarovski earrings. Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

Claire Foy in platinum and diamond Lorraine Schwartz elongated and an armful of bangles. Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

You might also prefer your bracelets piled on and climbing up your wrist. I know I do. We might not be able to create a blinged-out diamond story like these celebrities, but we can start our stack with a bangle, an Art Deco-inspired line bracelet or a wide cuff and then add to them when we can. Here are some of the looks that made my jaw drop. Once again, these are styles that go with almost any look in your wardrobe as long as you don’t allow your own sparkle to be outshined by your jewels.

Charlize Theron in stacks of Bulgari bracelets. Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

Julianne Moore in Chopard ruby and diamond bracelets. Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

Sandra Oh in platinum and diamond bracelets by Forevermark, Forevermark by Martin Flyer, Forevermark by Natalie K and Forevermark by Maria Canale. Photo courtesy of Forevermark

Kristen Bell in Harry Winston diamond bracelets. Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

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Fine Jewelry Design

This Lengthy Trend Sparkled On the Emmys Red Carpet

The stars that dominated that dominated the red carpet.




Scarlett Johansson at the 70th Prime Time Emmy Awards in Nikos Koulis earrrings, photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

MANY OF THE STYLE-SETTING actresses at the 70th Prime Time Emmys appeared in the jewelry accessory that has been dominating the red carpet for the past few seasons. Earrings! Although several styles of earrings made an appearance, linear and elongated styles stole the spotlight, predominantly in diamonds that had swing and movement. An alluring showing of gemstone styles was in line with how fine-jewelry designers are interpreting the trend. They feature ultra-long teardrop, geometric and three-dimensional inverted triangular shapes, as well as specialty cuts.

Martha Seely

14K gold and amethyst earrings with diamond accents.



18K yellow gold dagger earrings with white baguettes and round champagne diamonds.


Lika Behar

Sterling silver and clear quartz elongated teardrop shaped earrings.


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